Stop Polluting the Ocean: the Changes in the Ocean

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Around the world people are polluting the entire ocean. How would you like it if someone has thrown trash all over you house or inside? I bet you wouldn't like that. That's how sea animals feel about it too! So keep the ocean clean and peaceful.

So many people throw trash in the ocean, They throw many things like plastic bottle, tear up fishing net, And spill different types of oil and chemical in the sea. That is not very good for the animals, It harms them.

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Boat men also harm marine animals. The boat that comes from the boat men can harm the marine animal, because of the affect of the water quality in a few different aspects. They add things like metals and chemical to the water column. Boats men also use many water bottles and thrown it in the ocean.

Dumpster are spill in oceans. Ships and cruise liners has dumped over 14 billion of garbage in the ocean. Over 1 million seabird and 100,000 sea mammals are killed by pollution every year. Some tall and big ships accidentally spill oil, and some ships do it on purpose.

People need to stop polluting because it is very unsafe for the sea animals and it can also be unsafe for humans too. Pollution cause sea animals to die. Polluted sea can travel around the world. It is important to clean up after your self when you are at the beach. Make sure you pick up your trash and never ever leave plastic bottles on the ground. If you leave trash on the ground the sea animals like seabird or sea turtles may think those are tasty treats to eat, But its not.

Never let a balloon be release in the air, Because you may not ever know where the balloon will end up. it may end up on the beach and that's a big fat no no. Or it may also end up in the ocean. Fishes or wheals might think that is a type of food to eat.

Many sea animal suffer from plastic and rubber. We can help the by stop throwing trash on the beach or from the boat. We can also help the sea animals by not polluting the water with oil. Without sea animals, there won't be any yummy shrimp or fish or crabs! Without them there would not be any aquarium. We can work together to stop pollution and put this to a end for good. Let's STOP POLLUTION!

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