Essentials of Earth Science: Importance of Proper Storage of Radioactive and Biological Materials

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Radioiodine is a radioactive material it must be put away in fume hoods and it has to be kept securely airtight. The radioiodine must not be put away in refrigerators. Contaminated Lab coats can be preserved by placing them in a plastic carrier bag and securely closing it. Also put caution radioactive material on the label when you label the plastic bag. If there is a spill on the lab coat you utilize lab cleanser items to clean it.

Safety goggles should be used when carrying out radioisotope experiments. They should be used to make sure that liquid doesn’t go into your eyes. To maintain safety goggles you clean the lens thoroughly and put them in a tray. The tray should have a label on it called safety eyeglasses. Storage of chemical materialsBurette is a chemical material which has to be put in storage in a rack. Burettes need to be put away, modified, with the taps open. To maintain the burette you need to rinse the burette with purified water more than 3 times to make sure that the chemical inside the burette is cleaned up. The burette needs to be clean because it will affect the absorption of the chemical that is inside the burette.

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The Ph meter probe is a chemical material which must be put away in a salt solution like a ph 7 solution. The ph meter probe needs to be stored correctly otherwise the exchange exterior of the probe will dry out. To preserve the ph meter probe you have to wash the ph meter probe gently and get rid of any additional liquid from the tip of the probe with purified water. Alkalis must be stored separately from other acids and should have a corrosive label on the material. They need to be stored separately so that they are not mixed with other acids because it will produce great amount of heat and fumes. The alkalis are put away in a ventilated cupboard and the vessel must be closed safely to avoid spillage.

Storage of Biological materials

The microscope has to be lifted with two hands and one hand should support the base. The microscope has to be maintained by cleaning the dust with a delicate brush or pressurized air. Also clean smears and fingerprints on the magnifying lens with a little measure of alcohol ether mixture with a delicate material or lens paper. Additionally ensure you wait for the microscope to dry off once cleaned and don’t touch the lens with bare hands. To store the microscope it must to be kept in a dry place. The microscope should to be secured with a dust cover when you are not using it. The microscope should be put away in a waterproof holder and not put away in direct daylight as it will influence the specimen imaging. Bunsen burner should be maintained and stored correctly to avoid damages. You need to make sure that all flammable liquids are at safe distance and they should be secured to avoid vapours and fumes being released and igniting. The Bunsen burner should be inspected every month thoroughly and a visual inspection should be done after using the Bunsen burner. The Bunsen burner should be inspected to check if they are damaged. In addition the Bunsen burner should not be stored in a cabinet, box or container if it is hot and not left unattended with an open flame.

The Bunsen burner should be stored in a cupboard once it has cooled down. The lab data managing system is a product that encourages you to oversee related information and samples. LIMS produces dependable outcomes and enhances effectiveness more rapidly. It can track information from sequencing keeps running after some time and through trials. The LIMS stores information by transferring research laboratory instrument made records to it. It can likewise be put away through with registration of samples with data or examination results and backs up data once every month and keeps it secure. The advantages of LIMS are that it helps initiate data analysis and improves lab efficiency by integrate with systems and other in lab systems. In addition LIMS decreases the chance of human error as it programmes data and responsibilities on single a platform.

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