The Objectives of Agilysys' Warehouse System: Automation and Optimization of Business Processes

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The storage room is the heart of the restaurant. It is the place where most items are found to complete tasks in the kitchen. Without a well-developed storeroom, the restaurant could be in chaos due to the inability to find items or an overage in the amount of waste produced. Technology is made to help with the organization of the storeroom. This technology plays and important role in the purchasing and maintaining inventories process. Agilysys and Crunchtime are two technical systems that works with restaurant inventory.

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Agilysys’s goal is to plan, develop, and maintain a purchasing cycle that is functional for the particular needs of the business. The system works for any size operation. Three main categories focus on lowering the food and labor cost with accurate operational overview, guest satisfaction with optimal inventory levels, and minimizing food cost with real-time date. Each of these are adequately designed to organize all inventory so that the items are used effectively. Effective use lowers the food and labor cost because there would be no overage or shortage of a product. The system only operates on a windows system. Unfortunately, and business that uses a POS that is not windows compatible, the Agilysys system will not work. One particular feature of the system is the breakdown of actual consumption versus revenue. This comparison signifies if the amount of food sold to the amount of money coming in. It is helpful because the restaurant will know when there is too much waste or too much excess that they need to cut back on.

Crunchtime is a tracking system on all inventory of the restaurant. The system is useful because it keeps and accurate count of what we have and do not have in the restaurant. Measuring inventory turns, perpetual restaurant inventory management, and multiple storage locations are the ideal features that stand out on the system. The measurement of the inventory lowers the food cost. Perpetual restaurant inventory management is the solution to produce accuracy with real-time tracking of all inventory items from ordering to depletion at the restaurants. (crunchtime) The multiple storage locations features are used to track the item from the entrance of the restaurant until it is consumed. The entire system is based off of complete accuracy to avoid any miss readings and loss of products. As a result, it stops profit leaks and increases revenue.

The two systems are well rounded and focusses on the accuracy of all inventory. Ideally, they help with the organization of items as the enter the restaurant and makes it way to use. Agilysys works with the purchasing cycle and is effective with any size restaurant. However, it only works on a windows system and many restaurants today work with other systems. Crunchtime is the system that will be the most beneficial because of its accuracy. The system is convenient and cost effective due to the amount of features provided to lower food and labor costs.

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