Story of the Great Spirit

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Before the world had life, roaring seas, and starry sky, the Great Spirit felt lonely and empty with no colors in the sky no others to exist in what he created. The Great Spirit roamed the skies of the world for days wondering what he could do to. On the first night he went to sleep, and in his dream, he saw colors in the sky land above the water and animals of all kinds; thus, the next morning he woke up and demanded that the land rise above the water and created hills, mountains, valleys, and plains. To make the animals he mixed the land he conjured up and the water of the world to make a mudded clay; furthermore, he thought of all the flying birds, the running four legged animals, and the fined creatures roaming through the waters. His powerful mind and compressed, caring hands he made all the creatures he could ever imagine.

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The Creation God believed he could create even more, so he later that night dreamed of the lush green vegetation, flowers of all colors, but to keep them healthy he knew he had to give them water and sun; thus, he reached down and cupped water out of the ocean and held it up to the sun, the sun evaporated the water and let it precipitate to give the animals water and to nourish the plants. The third night he went to sleep he dreamt of human conversing to each other, the humans were hunting the animals he made, drinking the water he created, building homes out of the nature he provided. The Great Spirit realized that everything he created was meant for the humans to prosper and thrive. When the next morning came he grabbed a piece of grass or the hair of the man, he extended his hand into the clouds and grasped two stars from above and place them in his eyes, then he grabbed a leaf and placed for his nose, he then reached down and grabbed two leaves of clover and placed them as lips, and he made the rest of his body with clay.

The Great Spirit was very proud of what he had done to make such a beautiful place, but soon he realized that the man as lonely and made a female companion; furthermore, the Great Spirit created the woman similar to the man, but he gave her different features to show she was not like him. The Great Spirit placed the woman next to the man when he went to sleep, then the man woke up and was startled by her. The Great Spirit called out to them and explained their purpose for being created, still the man and woman were confused; thus, the Great Spirit explained to them that he created the animals, water, vegetation, and land o support them so they could thrive and grow to produce others that would grow as young and build to become like them.

The word was in perfect harmony, the birds sang, the flowers grew, the deer ran, and the buffalo grazed, everything was in perfect harmony. The man and woman made a beautiful family, worshipped, and thanked the Great Spirit every day for all he has provided them with, such as: happiness, health, and the beautiful life he created all around them.

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