Strategic Analysis of Bmw (Pestel & Swot)

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They put emphasizes upon regulations created through Indian authorities & measures taken for security. Components that affect it are:

    o Rules affecting industry of automobiles were made w.r.t environmental rules that every car producer had to adhere with. Therefore, producers of cars need to see that surroundings are not deteriorated during producing cars.

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    o Taxation & actions taken through authorities have effect on automobile business. Foreign procedures help to take decision on how much success we can achieve at marketarea outside India.

    o Coming up along fresh schemes for automobile business of India where rules being enforced that lead to cars producing having high mileage leading in increasing automotive sales & production.


They comprise of exchanging rate, development financially around globe. They include-

a) With increasing production ability of car, it rose the income generated for selling & fresh plans of goods. Therefore, large amount of income was there when cards available in marketarea for selling was more than cars wanted by people.

b) Rise totally happened in GDP around globe was 3.1% from 2 % in India in 2018.

c) Reduction in rate of exchange when euro affected car producers of Europe.


It comprises of culture change & demographically change which happens around globe irrespective of changes happening in pattern pf purchasing& clients income. Following have effect on this business

  • Car became mark of prestige
  • Pattern in which purchasing is don by clients changed when recession came in marketarea which were mature


  • To do above others, technology using was done
  • Plan implementation which has not been used earlier to cope with reducing margins in business
  • Modifying & stopping machinery which causes polluting of surroundings.


  • Clients demand saw change due to change is preferences as they started preferring cars which did not harm environment.
  • EURO rules which were there for curbing pollution from countries which were developing were applied firmly


  • India has rigid rules in lieu of pollution.
  • Restrictions are strictly imposed on countries which are not developed completely

EG- BHARAT rules that are made on basis of EURO rules in India

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