Strategies for Protecting Household Capacities and Employment Opportunities

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Provide vocational training to people of all ages and genders, establish an effective communication system between all humanitarian organizations, and allocate all the necessary resources. Paid training sessions which can be formulated by college-going students. This can be a part of their small earing. Besides these engaging, all the village people in pre, during and post-disaster activities to build a sustainable flood-resistant community can also open a path for earning for their livelihood. By this the village people won’t sit idle for days and they can participate in these activities that can help them to stay active and healthy.

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Besides the youth of the two villages can be given first-aid training so that they can act as a first-aid provider whenever a disaster strikes. The flood can initiate water-borne diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, etc. in the prevention stage the need for vaccination can be presented with huge importance and all the people of the villages has to know about that and they can share the information with others as well.

Developing an effective sanitation system that can reduce the sanitation problems and reduce the diseases of the community. Besides this preventing pollution and raising awareness likewise, maintaining a clean and green environment free from all types of pollution can make the villages stronger from their core. Building strong and sustainable infrastructures using good raw materials can make the roads and houses disaster-resistant and the people can live safely. Azad Mondol, a banker of the Krishi Bank of Joypurhat stated that

‘During the flood days it becomes hard to step outside the house because the road goes under the water and I became unable to go to my office because bike, van nothing can cross that much flood water’. So by constructing the roads with good materials so that it won’t be destroyed easily and making them higher than usual. Moreover increasing the number of latrines and sanitation facilities and promoting buildings made of bricks can certainly reduce the severe consequences of the flood.

All of these recommendations can significantly improve the existing scenario in the flood-affected regions given that they are properly implemented. The Government and all other concerned organizations should take these into concern when engaging in relief efforts to increase their effectiveness and efficiency where possible to reduce the impact and severity of the disaster.

The results of this study are only a sample of the effects of floods on agriculture and crop erosion and consist of study strategies that can mitigate these effects. However, some of the strategies and policies that were developed were simple strategies that could have unexpected results when interpreted in two villages. This study investigated only the effects of the respondents’ lives and livelihoods but did not consider other personal factors and psychosocial factors such as the concentration of feelings of stress, adaptive strategies and job satisfaction, work stress, conflicts with other members of the family. 

Finally, respondents who did not have much experience with the flood situation and those who had already relocated from their land area due to river erosion were excluded from the study, and no survey participant reported having had that situation, but this does not mean that respondents have no possibility of having exclusive terms. Some rural people do not have the catastrophic effects of floods and their importance as well; some social and community leaders are also unaware of the implications.

Disasters, being an uncontrollable phenomenon of nature, can be reduced in their adversities with proper supervision of efforts. Human-induced disasters threaten the stability of people’s lives today than natural disasters and keeping that in mind, we should raise awareness to reduce pollution and take the necessary steps to reduce the harmful effects of any possible disasters. 

From the conducted survey, I have come to the conclusion that to reduce vulnerability and increase sustainability, efforts should come from all angles. Opinions and advice from the affected should be emphasized upon as they are the ones who experience the event first-hand. I believe that if their recommendations are properly followed and implemented, the vulnerabilities of the community can be significantly reduced. Again, regular people from all walks of life should aid the government and NGOs in their efforts to reduce human suffering. 

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