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Stream Management as a Strategic Approach

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As from the process analysis, it is known that value stream management is a strategic approach for organizational alignment as well as a structure. That ensures all functions which are adjusted to support specific value streams of any business. In this process, there is a high degree of customer contact. It is a very clear concept that if the direct customer contact is high, it will help to achieve high levels of effectiveness. The Begal shop consists of mixed service characteristics like it have home delivery service and provides fresh Begal with rich nutrients.

To increase the customer’s contact the shop has started to follow some unique strategies. Though instant coupon technology, and following some advertising techniques the business can be increased. This shop has an open forum for conversations and boosting the sales. By offering some free samples of Begal during busy times may also boost the walk-in business of Begal bakery. First, in the case, I found that it has focused on two types of customers and their needs. The retail customers buying a dozen freshly baked bagels, cream cheese, and sandwiches. It is very important to develop relationships with academic institutions as well as markets, restaurants, food coops or any other organization to increase the sales of Bagels.

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The main mission of Bagel bakery is to make the best and fresh bagels using wholesome ingredients to satisfy the retail and wholesale customers. The process of buying the raw materials and implementing the makers, bakers, and packers there was the high customer contact. It is very much necessary to maintain the quality of bagel. The on-time delivery was important to satisfy each and every customer. The fresh and hot product is needed to satisfy retail customers. So, to fulfill all the requirement of the customers they should do their work properly.

As in the Bagel shops, the consumer comes from all income rates of the market. Bagels are less costly and affordable. For making profit interaction is very much important in any company. Customer contact is defined as the physical presence of the customer in the process, and creation of the service refers to the work process that is required for providing the service itself (Marx, 2017). It is essential to know that high customer contact is hard to control and more difficult to justify than those with low customer contact. With the increasing technologies, various tools are used in this process. By using a Bagel maker, about 600 bagels can be made in a short period of time. In an automated bagel machine, the raw materials can be added easily.

The two essential tools for making bagels are a divider helps in shaping and forming a dough. Another one is oven, without which one cannot bake the bagels. Labor efficiencies could be best utilized while making the dough and automatic shaping of Bagels. Self- evaluation is very much important to judge his or her own performance. It is necessary to make a checklist of behaviors of employees. Thus, by reading the Begal Deli case it is clear that these tools help to make the perfect performance evaluation.


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