Street Art is a Unique Type of Art

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Street art first started in the late 1970’s, and people began using some private property and public transport to write or tag their names or street addresses. This trend was first found in urban places specifically in New York City.

Street art is always in public areas such as, building walls, signs, billboards and even more. This type of art gained a lot of popularity when the graffiti are had come out in the early 1980’d, even. Nowadays it’s still all over the towns and centers. A lot of artists used this kind of art to send a message to the people who may not find art interesting or appealing to them.

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However, the earliest forms of street art were the graffiti, that was all used by spray all over the trains and mostly on walls. This style of art was also used to create movement and catch up some people’s attention. Their main goal is to provoke discussion and reaction. Street art has a lot of styles not just one type. Some of the arts is used to express feelings or emotions to send an important message and so they can also be inspired through a lot of ways, for example digital media or webs.

Furthermore, it had a great impact on modern art, although it might seem very similar but it each country the art is relevant to the area and feelings of people may have towards the idea. The cultural of the art is all that matters now because of how it works to speak out against the police or politics or even freedom of speech. I personally believe that this kind of art deserves to get well known all around the world because it sends a message in a powerful way that a lot of people can understand it and relate to it.

There is a lot of methods or forms to create street art, some are stencils that makes it much easier to spray on surfaces and it allows the artist to keep repeating the same drawing a lot of time by using the same stencil, it’s very great cause it connects all parts together. Another method of the street art is tiles which gives the art an 8-bit old video games and somehow, it’s easy to use and do a lot of things with this type of method. Posters is also another method that it can be printed in different sizes, and it’s always placed around the town or city also we can stick them to windows or public transports but this method its unlike others because it requires more additional process which can take more time.

In conclusion, street art now is done legally because it got accepted by most of the people, because they enjoy looking at such kind of arts, although there are some galleries, but the one in the galleries makes the art less enjoyable other than keeping it to the old way which is on public areas. Finally, street artists want their work to be seen well and be engaged by it, because they try to make a statement and make a lot of people to think deep to the meaning of the art piece or in other word the street art.

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