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This paper will provide a report on the book ‘Stress Less,' which was written by Don Colbert and published in 2008. According to Colbert, stress is an epidemic within the society that is spiraling out of control. He also associates stress to most of the killer diseases affecting the society. The book illustrates how stress has adversely affected the Americans leading to more emotional and physical challenges. In this book, the author provides a comprehensive analysis on how stress can be handled in the society. He provides his own experience on how to overcome stress, as well as the detrimental physical effects that result from it in the society. Therefore, the book educates people and provides ways in which individuals can break the power of worry, anxiety, and destructive habits. Colbert reveals ways on how to control anxiety, recognize individual stress triggers, redefine stressful relationships, and how to break the power of worry. He further illustrates how it can be managed using simple techniques.

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Colbert begins by explaining his experience as a student. While running, he developed some complications that almost denied him a chance to walk normally (Colbert, 2008). Even after receiving some medication, his leg muscles continued to worsen. A surgeon was called to perform a muscle biopsy, which revealed severe muscle necrosis. He became so stressed up, especially after missing out on class lessons for more than a month. Besides, the book terms stress as a national issue of concern in the United States. More than 75 percent of the Americans visit primary care physicians due to stress-related complications. The Americans have been forced to take short courses and read books so as to equip themselves with stress management techniques.

Stress is caused by life events such as divorce, death, noise, hunger, and danger. Moreover, there are various categories of stress, which include: physical, emotional, chemical, and thermal. Colbert outlines critical steps in overcoming stress, and they include: controlling our thoughts, social situations, and exposure to chemicals. However, it is important to be stressed up in life since it helps to spice individual life by strengthening them. Naturally, human beings are created in such a way that they can instinctively respond to danger by either running or fighting back. Hans Selye introduced three stages of the stress response (Colbert, 2008). They include alarm reaction, resistance, and exhaustion stage. The author argues that every person is prone to distortional thinking depending on the occasion. However, individuals can change their thought perspective by analyzing their thinking. Reducing frustration factors and effectively handling inevitable offenses is key to stress management. A positive attitude is also necessary for relieving stress. Careful selection of words, as well as a proper diet can be another effective remedy. Lifestyle habits such as exercise, relaxing, and diet have been proven to be stress relievers.

Colbert has clearly highlighted the impact of stress and effectively categorized it into mental, physical, chemical, and thermal. Moreover, he has provided real examples on this issue, including himself. However, did not provide an explanation as to why Americans are so stressed up than any other part of the world. He identified poverty as one of the contributing factors, but we are aware that the US is the richest nation in the world. Hence, African states should be experiencing more cases of stress than any other nation in the world.

Nevertheless, the book provides enough information about how people should try to avoid or manage stress in their life. The book is highly recommendable since it helps in identifying stress-causing factors, mitigation measures, and acceptable limits.

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