How Well Do I Handle My Stress: Stress Assessment and Management

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  • Stressors of stress
  • Pre-stress assessment test done in February 2018
  • Post-stress results done in August 2018
  • Discussion of stress related to my nutritional dietary
  • Stress management strategies for me

Stress has been characterized from various perspectives by a wide range of individuals. It has been a vital point to therapeutic experts, social researchers, anthropologists, clinicians, and zoologists. For our motivations, it appears to be most edifying to look at it from a few alternate points of view, in this way getting an expansive review of the marvel, and its underlying foundations ever of (Selye, 1956).

Any negotiation of stress would most likely be lacking without some discussion of crafted by Hans Selye, M.D. Considered by numerous to be the pop of stress look into, Selye started examining the marvel of stress more than 50 years prior. His work of art and still generally regarded work, ‘The Stress of Life’, first distributed in 1946, defines stress as follows: A non-particular reaction of the body to a request. It is as yet perceived today as the most straightforward and best physiological meaning of what occurs inside our bodies when we are thumped out of our contented balance (Selye, 1956).

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Looking somewhat more profound into the mechanics of this marvel, we discover that the physiological stress response is our body's reaction to any change, risk, or weight put upon it, from outside powers or from inside. Our body at that point endeavors to recover its ordinary state and shield itself from possible mischief. A huge number of years back, amid a far less organized and complex period, people required this reaction to remain alive and battle different sorts of physical dangers (creatures, different people, flood, fire, and so forth.). This is one of numerous interesting manners by which homo sapiens are prepared to get by on the planet. The reason for stress at that point is to keep us alive and solid (Selye, 1956)!

Today, a significant part of the pressure we encounter is fabricated in our psyches. We see a risk (loss of occupation, outrage from companion, not meeting a due date) and we eventually start to stress. Our bodies, without the capacity to recognize a due date from a bristly brute, still respond similarly they completed 4000 years back. Stress is inescapable. To be altogether without pressure is to be dead! Nonetheless, not all pressure is unfriendly. Selye recognized friendly pressure, which he marked eustress, and unfriendly pressure or distress. When we talk about pressure today we are normally alluding to distress, however we would all be able to identify with charming circumstances or events which have caused us stress, for example, weddings, births, advancements, accepting honors, rejoining with old companions, and incalculable others. Any change positive or negative requires a reaction from our bodies with a specific end goal to adjust and take us back to our moderately serene state (Selye, 1956).

We can likewise take a gander at worry as a condition of unevenness between requests (from inside or outside sources) and our apparent capacities to meet those requests. This is experienced most intensely when the desire is that the outcomes of taking care of the request will be very not quite the same as the results of not taking care of the request. For instance, on the off chance that you were requested to make an advertising pamphlet and you felt sure of your insight into the item and your capacity to sort out the data, make appealing designs, and put a fascinating and alluring twist on the data, you will locate the entire experience far less distressing than if you viewed yourself as insufficiently educated, lacking writing skills, and not especially innovative. It would be extremely unpleasant if, over the weight for an eye-popping masterpiece, the underlying beneficiaries were to be a beta-test gathering of the organization's biggest and most esteemed clients, who might be requested to give criticism on their responses to the new item in light of your promoting piece (Selye, 1956).

Stressors of stress

The stress reaction is trigger by stressors which includes the following: Physical risks; Risks of ruining reputation; a vital event in life; A disagreement or quarrelling with a friend/family member/ co-worker; Fitted due dates; Losing love ones or valuable material.

Stressors can be any sort of incitement, inside or outside, that stimulate the physiological pressure reaction. Be that as it may, here we start to see singular contrasts. All together for an occasion to be named a stressor, it should be seen as one. A demand from your companion to get a remedy at the medication store might be seen as a totally sensible undertaking and fit right in with different errands for that day (non-unpleasant). Then again, it might require impressive juggling of an officially full calendar and cause some terrible sentiments or a contention amongst you and your companion (upsetting). Like pressure itself, stressors come in two assortments: distressors and eustressors (Selye, 1956).

A chance to stand up at a gathering and say a couple of words might be seen as terrifying, debilitating or hazardous for one individual, however a second individual may have been anticipating that or trusting should be called upon and consider it to be a chance to seem learned and shrewd. The primary sees the circumstance as a distressor, the second as an eustressor, or positive test (Selye, 1956).

As I have elaborated on what is stress, causes and how it affects our body, in this document I am going to take you through my analysis of how pressure affects me as an individual, evaluating pre-stress assessment completed on February and post-stress assessment completed on August, checking into my nutritional dietary (how the food I eat contribute to the pressure) and other events happening around me which plays a huge role in pressure manifestation most especial in my life.


Pre-stress assessment test done in February 2018

I completed a pre-stress test early of February this year which is 2018. The results came out so positive as it was a score of 98 which signifies that I was copying very well with whatever that was happening around me or in my life. When I examine the possible reasons for the positive results I found out that at that time my academic work was still light, deadlines was still very far to be reached, I had an excitement about the fact that I finally reached my third year of which is the last level of the study I am enrolling in which is called Somatology, where ‘soma’ stands for ’body’ and ‘ology’ stands for ‘study’ which makes it to be the study of human body. I had no possible problems at that time because even my finances was sorted as my sponsor (NSFAS) decided to fund me for everything (books, accommodation and food) I need to complete one level to my destination, which made things to be much easier for me in such a way that I could save and investment with the other allowance that I get from my guidance. As an individual can agree with me that life is much better when you have money as it makes things ease and sometimes even reduces unnecessary worries.

Amid this period of time I had good quality of time to do some of my hobbies that I find so interesting, healing and spiritual up lifting which are hula hooping, reading, praying and spending quality time with my love ones, increasing the chemistry between us of which I enjoy the most. At that point everything felt and appeared like I was living in my own fantasy world, like seriously it was so incredible, the joy and peace within my soul was beyond measure.

Post-stress results done in August 2018

In August which is the currently month I also did a post-stress assessment to check how is my stress levels and the results came out to be less than those of February which is a score of 68. This score is in a negative perspective of stress as it signifies that I am in a stress zone and I am not copying well with my duties currently of which is true. When I assess the reasons for those results, I notice that earlier before this time I was so relaxed about everything and now it have come to a point where I have to face reality of meeting the deadlines that seemed to be far on February. The pressure increases everyday as I personally told myself that failing is not part of the options and at the end I have to pass as I don’t want to come back next year and do the same things.

There is now this internal conflict within me about what am I going to do after this year, which includes facing the real world except academics and the fears of the unknown keep on increasing due to the overthinking of the ‘what if’ I don’t get a job, I have to go and stay at home and my business become unsuccessful or even not finding a sponsor how am I going to survive. On the other hands responsibilities I increasing as I grow and I am sure that even the guardians are going to reach a point where they are not going to provide some allowance for me because I would have reached that stage where I have to stand at my own and be miss independent as it is a good thing though.

In this period of time I have recently realized that I am only left with two months to be here at university and the next coming months after the mentioned ones will be exams where I am expected by myself to do my last kick like a horse and must be the best of me. I don’t want to lie sometimes it is so difficult cause often feel tired and I get headaches which might be the results of the pressure or overthinking of my fears and the future.

Discussion of stress related to my nutritional dietary

Since I have started thinking about the reality that I have to face next year my nutritional diet have changed not for good but for worse, meaning that it is no longer the same compared to the one I did for nutrition III assessment this year. I have not been checking the nutrients I get in the food that recently eat and to me okay as long as I have eaten. My appetite has decreased as I have lost interest of cooking for myself and I feel lazy to cook proper food for one and that results in me ending up buying takeaways such as burgers, chips, pie, wings from KFC, eating bread, chocolate almost every day, drinking 100% Krush juice undiluted, less fruits & vegetables and drinking less water as I am always tire but I am unable to relax and rest. The more I think about all the worries is the more I become tired, get headaches and loose appetite.

Most of my hobbies or things that I love to do at my own spare time has become a history as I am now unable to do the due to the fact that my energy levels are upside down but at the end they results in me doing one thing for lot of hours which makes the progress to be less effective. I am currently feeling like I am not doing enough for myself to make me proud of being me, which makes me to be angry with myself at the same time because I know that I can and I can do better that what I am doing currently.

The food that I eat is rich in sugar and addictive’s (spices and sources) which takes away sleep and activate the hyper activeness in me which might be the reason of being unable to relax and rest most especial at night. The burgers and chip makes me feel so tired after I have eaten them in such a way that I end up wanting nothing but to sleep instead of doing some academically work in improving myself to a better person.

I haven’t been drinking adequate water recently in such a way that I even get a dry throat due to dehydration and I believe that the less hydrated the body is the less the brain functions which results in less concentration, less thinking, memorizing and even storing information which makes the brain to be eventually lazy and that not good for a vibrant, ambitious young lady like me.

Stress management strategies for me

I believe that an unknown enemy is dangerous and can destroy an individual unknowingly compared to a known enemy, same applies to my stressor those I now know they become not a threat anymore in my one level up to my destination as I believe that I can conquer them, as I am well able and I know I can.

I have identify all of the things that makes me to be stress or under pressure and makes it an advantage for me to manage the stress as my stressors are now known.

Firstly I decided that I am forgiving myself for not being the best in me and I stop being angry with myself as that doesn’t groom me but instead it frustrate and pressurize me even more. After doing that I took a decision that I am going to draft a schedule of everything that I will be doing day including even my resting time and I even made a hash recording to set as my alarm to wake me up, with lines that goes as follows ‘wake up Nokuthula, Sleep doesn’t pay and remember your purpose or goals!’ That alarm motivates me to pull myself all together and keep on moving and I decided that I am going to have an hour of study at least one module every morning and that going to improve my capacity of my brain thinking, concentration and memorizing information.

I have also realize that after exercising I feel so fresh and relaxed most especial after taking a shower which improves my concentration levels due to the increase of blood and nutrients circulation in my body. Therefore I decided to add hula hooping in my daily schedule to keep my body, mind and soul active and at its best function.

So far the process is still slowly but surely I get where I want to be before exam times if I am going to continue as I have started.

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