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Being a mom can be the hardest, empowering thing any woman can do. For others, they think it can be the worst thing in the world. Yes, there are advantages and disadvantages to being a single mom. In today’s world, there are numbers of children experiencing and growing up with a single-parent family. You may be a single parent due to many reasons or maybe even by choice. Just because you a single parent doesn’t mean you’re alone you not in it by yourself there could be others in your shoes right now. You may have others out here that may help you if you need help. Sometimes they have a little single parents group chat where the parents get in the chat and talk or share their situation and you might come across someone in the same situation or a similar situation like yours. Being raised by just a single parent may seem unbearable to others that’s on the outside looking in but it has become universal in today’s world. Many children sometimes grow up and become very emotionally or fortunate even if they had a single parent or both parents to be in their life guiding them down the right direction in life. The issue results in the dissimilarity of children being raised by a single parent alternative being raised by both mom and dad. Is it necessary that a boy needs a father figure in their life or around them? Does a baby need both parents in their life? Does the authority assist single families? With much conjecture, this topic is becoming an interesting argument. Properly raising a child doesn’t depend on the form of the family it should really be about the significance that is taught to the children as they fully developed as an adult. Children that are from single parents can be full of Social-Emotional Development Domain as children with both parents.

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Most people say that most single parents are mothers. According to Marnie Kunz’s article “Most single-parent families are run by mothers, and the not being present of a father”. (Marnie Kunz) Referring back to that statement that is accurate my mom and dad were married when I and my siblings were growing up but I and my sister were not old enough, but we knew what was going on but from there on out it was just my mom and siblings. My mother worked a full-time job and sometimes a part-time job when she had a lot going on and had to make things happen just to make sure I and my siblings were straight. After my mom come home from work it was like no break, she had to help us with homework, cook, clean with the help of us, sports, and anything dealing with a school that we needed to go do. Stacie Poythress’s article states “When a single parent comes home from work and starts cooking, cleaning, homework, billing, project making, and grocery shopping.” (Stacie Poythress) what she stated in her article backed me up on what I said about my mother. Others that have both parents in their life whether if it’s your mom and stepdad or your dad and stepmom say that most children act out because one of their parents or both parents are not in their life, I personally don’t necessarily mean that that’s the case all the time. Some children act out such as showing behavioral problems, performing badly at school or home, etc but there can be numerous reasons why that happens maybe they are getting treated bad, something went on in the house, watching your parents fuss or fight I mean it could be anything in the household that’s stressing the child out not just that there is a single parent only in the picture.

Children know more than what parents think and see more than what parents think so just think about what you doing or about to go around a child because they take all that in and it may affect them a certain way because how they acting nobody would really know what bother the child if the child doesn’t speak up it would just show. I can see being a single parent being stressful because I have seen my mom go through it, it may not be that easy, but you can find a way to do things, so everything want to seem so overwhelmed and frustrating. Being a single parent of course is a busy life but long as you are doing the best you can do thing things would work out in the end. I don’t understand who wouldn’t want to be in their child’s life rising them the correct way getting them to prepare for the real world and life or even want someone else to step in and do what you suppose to do as a mother or as a father that’s just my personal thought.

Also, I understand people go through things nobody is perfect but in the end, if anything happens where we go our separate ways I would still be in my child’s life whether it’s going to pick my child up and spend every weekend together or seeing my child every day especially if we as the parent grew up with a single parent when you have yours you shouldn’t want to go through what you went through you should want to do the things and show your child the things that you didn’t get shown. If after trying as in pulling together to be parents for the children there are grandma’s grandpa’s, aunt’s, uncle’s and good friends that can be a figure in your child’s life and guiding them the same way the father or mother would be doing if they were in their life. It’s different levels to be a single parent and still succeeding with one or two in the picture. Not everybody struggle being a single parent depending on how many kids you have but after the first one if I see things now going right and it’s not going good and I’m just literally going through I’m not going to put myself in that predicament again because the first one might not be intentionally but after that, you know what you are doing. Think before dealing with the consequences always think ahead so you will already know.

There are a lot of single parents that feel guilty or maybe even ashamed of asking more of their child depending on how old the child is in words as an offering and household performance. Decisions on what we can and can’t do or how we going to do it go into expenses and time which adds up to wrongdoing that single parents transport concerning the condition or circumstances. I think that authorities should provide help to single parents that can’t handle it and need it badly. It should be a funded program or something to help them out and also give daycare assistants for the kids in the age range. Today you have certain people that think they going to get talked about if they have or asking for assistants so they want to do it, either way, if people see you struggling they going to talk if they see you doing good they going to talk if someone wants to talk they going to talk but you let them. Later in the article Stacie mention some encouraging words to the single parents she stated “Don’t be hard on yourself if you are single. “It’s a fight to keep going, ask for help, and use useful things/valuable supplies.” (Stacie Poythress) For the women that think being a single mother, they think that it makes them closer to their children. The child or children can share responsibility and become even closer with the family. Also, that gives the child a sense of community. In other words, that it brings them closer to their community because the mom will rely on things such as daycare and other things to help her with the children. Many single mothers say they prefer it that way because they know they will never find the perfect man and would just rather raise the kid alone. I have some single parents in my family. The women that say being a single mom are miserable to believe so because there is a decrease in income. This means that they are struggling to keep a comfortable lifestyle for the child. Sometimes this results in the mother taking on a second and even third job just to make ends meet. Having so many jobs means less quality time with the child. Instead of spending time with them and playing with them, they are spending all their time at work just so the mother can provide for the child. Some women who are single parents believe that they get judged because of it. Just because a woman is a single mother does not mean she is a whore or can’t keep a man. Just that things didn’t work out or maybe she chose to raise the child alone.

In conclusion, being a single parent is one of the toughest things a parent can go through with their children. Having the opportunity to come together and be a family together is the main thing that matters. Unlucky situations of being a single parent that must be bothered with social, financial, and behavioral are hard to handle. It doesn’t matter if it’s a single mother, single father, or mother and father, these children need parents every step of the way. These children will become an outcome of what they are being taught at this young age. They are really hurt by the attention, sympathy, and love that is put into growing them up how they should.   

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