Struggling in a Third World Country and Dealing with Its Issues

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As people are struggling in a third world country now, and don’t have the privileges we have here in the united states, I believe as citizens of the world we must stand up for others that are struggling in the third world country. That don’t have pure water, electricity, and security. If we are living under a roof and we have everything we could ask for. That shouldn’t keep us blind from the other side of the world. Instead, it should awaken us, we should lend a hand and help our neighbors if we don’t help them who will? We all came to this world temporarily it is our duty to do something good, help others and leave a positive remark before we leave this world. We shouldn’t allow an oppressor to be in control of poor citizens such as what is happening in Somalia, Kenya, Kashmir, Iraq, Syria, China, etc. our voices should be heard and our hands should be ready to lend a hand.

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Growing up as a child during the war, I didn’t see blue skies and sunshine, nor did I hear birds humming in the morning instead, I would see gray skies filled with smoke and I would hear kids and mothers shouting and crying. A country that is rich by its oil however it was poor by its government system. I remember days would come and go we wouldn’t have food because it was scary walking in the streets of Baghdad. There was no one there to help us or deliver our message to the world, there were no social media accounts to show the reality of what was happening. Going to school with fear because there was no security. When I was in second grade I remember going to class excited to learn and see my friends, however, the sad news came when the principle announced in the microphone, please stand up and show solidarity to your friend and classmate that has passed away yesterday as she was going back home Lara, I remember crying and shouting” which Lara my friend Lara no way, just yesterday we were talking about what we’re going to do today and how we were going to play with chalks TickTakTok( hopscotch) ” it was one of the hardest moments in my childhood years, that I won’t forget.

After coming to the united states as a refugee, I promised myself, that I will get my degree and study very hard to go back to my country and to save the lives of the innocents, that is taken away every day for the past 16 years. The country is originally a republic country, so it falls under the umbrella of democracy. However, leaders, legislative, parliaments get chosen mostly by privileges. The constitution of Iraq is corrupt and it needs to be rewritten. A country shouldn’t choose a leader because he is from a specific religion, leaders, presidents, parliaments shouldn’t be chosen because they follow particular doctrine, other citizens follow different beliefs, the government should respect other citizen and not enforce their thought and rules upon them, the government should be more justice and equal.

If a specific type of government, was given for me to choose for Iraq I would choose a liberal democracy. What does liberal mean, liberal means free in the Latino dictionary and it is what is followed by the government system here in the united states of America and it was brought up by John Stuart Mill a famous theorist, I would try to bring the first amendment to Iraq because people need to have their freedom, freedom to practice their belief, freedom of speech to speak their opinion without fear, and the press should be allowed to deliver the real message without agitation, If the country was more liberal and the constitution would be re-written, the education and the economic system get fixed, Iraq would be in a better position.

You may wonder who created the law? The first man to create law was King Hammurabi an Iraqi king from Iraq Babylon. Hammurabi was a strong, powerful king that brought up the fundamentals of law in this world. however, a country with wise and intelligent scholars and educators is now corrupt and falling. This is not right and it needs help.

For the economic system, I would choose the mixed economic system for the country to be followed. Because it will balance out between government and consumers, the government should interfere to control the economic system and the people should have their freedom with the market place. Also, we can see developed countries that follow the mixed economic system tend to have great results in their countries and nations. Therefore, the rich and the poor will stay in the same balance and they can live in a society where it respects you and your needs.

The advantages you will receive from a mixed economy is that you as a citizen have the right to do what you want to do with your money, you can open up a business or work in the farm it lets you as consumer purchase and buys whatever you want to buy. Meanwhile, the government is observing what is going on so that the country stays in the right direction. There should be restrictions included because it will be out of control if the consumers had more power.

Therefore, if we put an effort into the economic system and in the educational system, we will see a difference, especially since Iraq is going through a revolution now against the government and what the government is doing by “protecting” itself it’s killing the peaceful citizen. That are protesting for their basic rights. Many youths that are graduate and have degrees yet still can’t find a job. Because the economic system is the past 16 years Iraq has been getting more and more corrupt and people are now getting outside their homes and protesting for their basic needs and rights. Sadly the united Nations is quiet however, with social media it is presenting the true image of what is happening in Iraq and the world is watching.

A couple of days ago the president of Iraq resigned and stepped down from office, however, his resigning is not changing or solving anything. The government is still the same and the constitution is still the same and the civilians are calling for a change. politicians stepping outside from office and the same people coming to take their place, has brought no change. people are still dying from hunger and dirty water because the base of the political system is not strong and weak and the country will not improve to any better if the government system stayed the same.

Students of Political science majors that have a vigorous passion and vision for the world, should study hard and understand the political system. To make a change in this world. Hopefully one day we will help the poor nations from the oppressors and help other nations that require help. People should not only focus on their country but look at other countries that are suffering and help them as well. Countries such as Sudan, China, Syria and much more. We should not wait for others to make a difference instead we should bring the change.

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