Student Council: the Hierarchy of the Council and Ideas for Its Function

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For society, much of its history has been a struggle between its social ranks or classes. Emperors and nobles, commoners and the middle class, the poor and the rich, the oppressor and the oppressed, the free and the slave, all have been in constant opposition to each other. In ancient Rome, we have patricians, knights, plebeians, slaves; in the Middle Ages, feudal lords, vassals, guild-masters, apprentices, serfs; in today’s era we have, the elite who own 90% of the world’s wealth, the middle class, the working class, the poor. But in the case of 10-5, it's no different, divided between the supreme iron fist of the tyrannical Jordanov, and the oppressed students of our honorable class, where our thoughts, opinions, and voices are silenced. We the Constitutional Progressive Unioners, or Progressives for short, seek to break the barriers which cover the roars of our silence, the roars calling for freedom, justice, and equality. Our revolution will succeed either peacefully through diplomacy, or that of the end of a barrel of a gun, for we have nothing to lose but our chains. With all this in mind, students should seek to join our union or follow and fight for our noble cause because our constitution creates a unique form of a revolutionary government, where everyone has a role and voice in dictating the future course of our class.

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Students of our class should seek to follow or join our cause because our constitution (ideology) creates a leadership where everyone has a role in steering the future path of our class. To begin with, the “Constitutional Progressive Union”, “Constitutional” refers to the foundation and backbone of the leadership which our class will be laid upon. “Progressive” refers to the social reforms or changes that our class will undergo current and post-revolution, in other words, the transition of power from an absolute tyrannical monarchy to a student’s authority. “Union” refers to the union that would take place between our classes' groups, forming a coalition in a united front against Emperor Jordanov. “All political systems in the world today are a product of the struggle for power between alternative instruments of government” (Green Book Ch 1). As Colonel Gaddafi has stated that ideologies, factions, and parties exist because of the opposition of one social class or institution or individuals against another. We the Progressives have not overlooked the fact that there are other factions within our class with a common goal, but with a different system of leadership and ideology which all assume are the best to serve the common interest of the student and the class as a whole. For this reason, we the Progressive’s have come to the conclusion, that our revolution in the long term will only be successful by peacefully integrating and assimilating the various other faction, with violence only being used as a last resort or if necessary. “According to the Marxist theory of the state, the army is the chief component of state power. Whoever wants to seize and retain state power must have a strong army” (Mao’s Red Book Pg 25). In this previous statement, Mao Zedong, leader of the Chinese communist party, has stated that the only way to preserve a revolution is by over-centralization of the state, and a strong standing army. This, however, is a prime example of a revolution that is destined to fail. Leaving the support and backbone of a revolution or any ordinary state in the hands of a single institution or branch of power or military will inevitably give rise to corruption and a dictatorship under a false mask. And it is for this reason, that gave emergence to our belief in the concept of the “student’s authority”, which will be explained shortly after. “Even conflict within the family is often the result of the failure to resolve this problem of authority” (Green Book Ch 1). According to Colonel Gaddafi’s Green Book, it is believed that conflicts within communities, tribes, sects, and families happen as a result of the leadership (authority) or “decision makers” being contested by another individual or group of individuals. To a certain extent, the Green Book is correct on this matter. In order to avoid this matter, this is where the concept of the “student’s authority” comes into action. Our class is made up of twenty-five students divided into five groups, with each group has around 5 members, and each of them has a different system of belief but a common goal, which is to topple Jordanov. As we have stated previously, that the only way our revolution is to succeed in the long term is by integration and assimilation of the various other groups, for we do not seek the complete and utter destruction of our own classmen. Assuming that we have successfully integrated the other groups into our revolution/cause/fight, each of these groups forms what is called the General Conference, each group then elects one member to go and act on their behalf in what is called the Secretariat Committee, then a second member would be nominated to act on their behalf onto what is called the Supreme Student Council. 

At the beginning of each quarter (a total of four throughout the year), the General Conference would be initiated, at this stage, this is where all students of each group (including the two who would be elected) would brainstorm ideas about what they’d like to study this first half of the quarter until each group comes to the unanimous agreement to which topic they’d want to study. Then the topic of each group would be presented to the Supreme Student Council, after presenting it, and if there are groups who (if not all) have different topics, a debate between two Consuls (member of Supreme Student Council) from two different groups starts with each side explaining why their topic is more efficient/beneficial/better than the other. At the end of the debate members of the Secretariat Committee would vote on who they believe had won, the losing group (of the Supreme Student Council) gets suspended, and the process would continue till only one winning consul is left, and it is their topic that would be studied for the first half of the quarter, but during the second half of the quarter they would be suspended from the General Conference till the beginning of next quarter, giving the other groups a chance to implement their ideas. 

During the General Conference that would take place during the second half of the quarter (same quarter), the topics of the groups that were presented previously would be used in the upcoming debate between the consuls, and the process would repeat itself till the end of the school year, with the exception that the groups can change their representatives should they choose to. This process would be slightly different immediately post-revolution, by changing the words “topics studied” to “laws implemented” if we were not to change the oppressive laws of Jordanov then who are we to call ourselves “Progressives”(social reformers). The very reason that we chose to have only five students in the Supreme Student Council, Secretariat Committee, and General Conference is to avoid a draw during the voting period, which might result in a stalemate in the leadership of the class. Since we have a decent amount of students in the class, we the Progressives believe that dividing the class into smaller groups of 5 and three layers of authority would make the class be governed more efficiently and have laws/ideas implemented more easily. 

Many might ask the question of why not a simple and straight forward democracy, it is nothing but to avoid this, “ Political struggle that results in the victory of a candidate with, for example, 51 percent of the votes leads to a dictatorial governing body in the guise of a false democracy, since 49 percent of the electorate is ruled by an instrument of government they did not vote for, but which has been imposed upon them” (Green Book Ch 1). In other words, Colonel Gaddafi is stating that democracy is nothing but the tyranny of the majority. Our constitution (government) does not want a single individual that represents the people, and believes that he is acting for the better good of them, or wants a leader who the minority did not elect, but our constitution wants the people to represent themselves for them and only they know what is best for themselves. “Don’t expect to build up the weak by pulling down the strong” (Communist Manifesto Ch 9). Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels have both stated that picking off the upper-class bit by bit expecting it to strengthen the common people would do nothing but create a power vacuum within society itself, which finally brings us to the question of what is to be of the blood sucking Jordanov. 

As much as anyone of our classmen who want to separate Jordanov’s head from his shoulders, we must refrain ourselves and put the prosperity of the class and revolution above our desire for vengeance, why kill him when we can exploit him? To put it simply, Jordanov gets to keep his life and limbs intact in exchange that he teaches us the topics that we want, where most of our talents reside, read novels and write essays of our choosing instead of his trashy taste and opinion of long tedious books, and boring grammar lessons of his choosing. No matter how bad Jordanov is, nobody can deny that he is the beacon of knowledge and went through years of college, for it is this reason that we Progressives have decided to spare him with the intention of exploiting his knowledge in English literature, should we decided to put the rope around his neck, nobody would be there to teach us and if by chance he gets replaced only God knows if the next teacher would be either better or worse than Emperor Jordanov.

As a result, it may be true that there would be students who would still disagree with our methods of leadership and concepts of belief even after reading this constitution. But with that being said, time and time again history has shown us that democracy without an effective system of checks and balances would lead to the inevitable rise of corruption and tyrannical dictatorships. For it is this reason that we Progressives believe that all students should represent themselves instead of a single so-called “democratically” elected student “representing” the majority, while in reality, he is only satisfying the needs and wants of his party members (minority). All in all, considering that each and every student in the class has a common goal, we can safely say that the only way forward is to unite under a single banner as a coalition in a united front against Jordanov to liberate our newly born country of the “Union of Transjordania”. An absolute monarchy like Jordanov’s has no place in today’s world, for it only belongs in a museum and a page in a history book. Fellow classmen of 10-5, unite! For we have a world ahead of us to win!

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