Study Abroad Scholarship: Benefits and Drawbacks

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Study abroad scholarship spins around the minds of many students. But the international experiences start with boundless research about various aspects.

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The Ticking Clock.

When you are in your freshman year, you feel like you have the world in your hands. There are just four years to play around with academics and various other extracurriculars and to figure out where your interests lie. If u let the clock wind down u might be no Clarity about your options regarding your future goals. Being prepared in advance is the key.

The destination.

Yeah, the world is huge. So how do we select an appropriate location?

The 3 important steps are.

1. The scope of the course in the selected location.

Look into the industries that will be open for you once you are completed with the course to provide employment opportunities. Take into consideration the destination that can provide maximum avenues for students. and once the destination is decided, one should look into the ranking of the universities on sites like THE, QS, and US News which provide annual rankings of top schools.

2. The educational pattern.

Every destination has its teaching patterns. So it is important to figure out will be able to sync in a different teaching pattern. Check the teaching pattern.

For instance, many universities give importance to weekly assignments, practical training, and research papers. so it is important to think if such an approach will work for you.

3. The entry requirement.

Every destination has its entry-level. Some just have an English proficiency test like (TOFLE, ILETS, PTE)

Some destinations have an aptitude test like( GRE, GMAT, and SAT)

Some destinations require a work experience for the master's program. The scores for the above tests vary from university to university.

The cost.

There is surely no way one can sugarcoat the fact that studying abroad is expensive. But the expense depends upon the stay period and country choice.

The prices vary from program to program. But the most common expenses include students visa, registration fees, tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses, and health support.

Overwhelmed? Study abroad scholarships to the rescue.

Some universities provide scholarships within their program based on their previous academic scores and entrance tests.

Or one can even look for various outside organizations which provide funding to students. The tuition fee can be managed by these funds and scholarships. And the living expense and accommodation and be managed by earnings.

Every student who studies abroad gets a student working visa.

One can work for 20hr a week during the study time. And during scheduled breaks 40hr a week.

And students enrolled in Ph.D. And master by research there are no restrictions on the working time.

The Benefits.

Studying abroad is a beautiful experience. One becomes more independent. The skills you will gain during this experience will be recognized worldwide. One develops excellent communication and interpersonal skill. This experience will also expose me to new paths to pursue one's goals. Even in stressful times like homesickness, language issues, and understanding foreign currency one will learn to rise to the occasion. One will also get an opportunity to expand their network which is important for career and personal growth.


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