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The Department offer programmes which are aligned with regulatory bodies as well as Institutes of repute. The programes are designed to meet the challenges and future career perspectives for its stakeholders keeping in view of the global, national and local demands. The Programmes are designed to make skill oriented professional who can boom in diversified fields such as an entrepreneur, consultant, administrator, leaders, or an educationist. The master and Doctoral programmes are designed to impart critical understanding and application of professional skills. Teacher Education programmes are recognized by the National Council of Teacher Education. 

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The faculty members of department are qualified and equipped with the latest pedagogical skills. They have a wider experience of teaching, research and academic administration at national and international level. The focus of education is to amalgamation of cultural values professional ethics and latest practices. Transaction of the programmes is to be done using a variety of pedagogical approaches such as- case studies, Power point presentations, Group discussions, Seminars, Roundtable conferences, Paper presentations, projects, Preparation of low cost study materials, discussions on reflective journals, observations of children, Action Research and interactions with the community in multiple socio cultural environment. 

New teaching learning approaches such as peer to peer learning, problem based teaching are applied to facilitate experiential learning at its extreme. Students are provided an opportunity to enrich their experiences through games such as Team Building, Micro Teaching, Role Play and Simulation. The aim of Department of Education and Training is to equip students in adopting strength based approach which may turn into Academic Excellence, Inter-Personal Relationships & Leadership Development. Every student is provided platform to be an engaged learner.  

Character strengths such as gratitude, dutifulness, lawfulness, patience, responsibility, health relationship, self-regulation, kindness, humour and faith are a part of our diversified curriculum.  Each student naturally possesses an aptitude for some strength. We try to enhance those professional skills with a motive of channelizing their strength in an appropriate direction. All programmes motivate students to cope up with the challenges of being excellent and being persons of integrity. Faculty also move to levels of excellence in their profession. Their motive is to educate and stimulate the students to turn in to an independent, confident and competent learner.

Faculty help students to complete academic tasks to optimal levels of personal excellence. Department promotes the academic success and achievement of students. During the Academic year 2018-19 B.Ed. Students Cleared Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test conducted by Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board with 100% success ratio. They also repeated this success in same percentage in Central Teacher Eligibility Test conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education Delhi. During their three months internship period their performance was appreciated by school administration, few of them were offered employment from the schools with a good package. Students had secured good positions in various inter and intra departmental competitions. This year two students have clarified prestigious Provincial Civil Services examination conducted by Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission.

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