Studying the Equal Rights Amendments and Why It is Importance in Enhancing Gender Equality in the Society

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In modern society, many women are seeking their potential to survive in the meritocracy. In many parts of the world, it is becoming usual that women work with men. However, it is difficult for women to achieve absolute equality with men. The Equal Rights Amendment, which guarantees gender equality, has been controversial for many years in the U.S. There were many refutations in the past, but personally, I think we should have the ERA because it would help women become independent from men, and it would promote women’s advance into modern society.

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The most important purpose of the ERA is to guarantee gender equality legally. In 1968, the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which guarantees the rights of citizens, was adopted. However, it is not enough to protect gender equality. In fact, there were many gender discrimination cases in court before. The ERA would clarify the legal standard for court rulings, and it would not let women experience inequality of gender anymore. In addition, the ERA would abolish all existing gender discriminations laws. On the other hand, the ERA would keep existing laws on women’s rights by preventing Congress from changing them. The ERA would make a more firm and clear guarantee of gender equality than before, thus, the ERA should be enacted for gender equal society.

The equality which the ERA brings would promote women’s independence and participation in society. There are two reasons which show how the equality would make women be equal to men. The first reason is the equality of salary and job opportunities. Previously, women were dependent on men for almost everything regarding money, and that is why women had difficulty making a living when they divorced from their husbands. However, with the ERA, women could work and make enough money even if they divorce, or they are not married. The second one is the equality of right to vote. Approval of women’s right to vote would make it easier to enact legislation for women, such as maternity leave and childcare leave. The ERA would help women to be independent, and it would give a lot of opportunities to participate in society for women.

Although the ERA was made many years ago, however, it would promote women to show their ability and make use of their viewpoints in modern society. This is because the ERA guarantees the gender equality of education and job opportunities. Good education would widen the potential of contribution to society. If the ERA passed, the breadth of women’s jobs would be widened, and the field which women can participate in actively would be expanded. These might lead to epoch-making inventions which use women’s viewpoints. For example, in the past, modern refrigerators and dishwashers were invented by women by using their perspective. Moreover, many clothes, baby items and interior goods have been designed by women these days. Women have many unique ideas that no men could ever think of. The ERA promotes women to use their advantages in modern society, therefore, we should have the ERA for women and society.

Today, some people say that women have already been equal to men, however, it is not correct. That is why the enactment of the ERA is still suggested today. The ERA would bring a lot of opportunities to become independent from men and participate in modern society. Society cannot be made by only men’s perspective, and it also needs women’s perspective. Therefore, the ERA is very important for the realization of gender equal society today.

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