Stylistic Effects, Such as Dramatic Irony in The Cask of Amontillado

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Ever wondered how authors and directors translate books into movies? Directors like Tim Burton use cinematic styles to illustrate the tones and moods that authors illustrate using stylistic effects. Tim Burton and his films, Charlie and the chocolate factory, and Sleepy hollow use cinematic effects such as cuts and close ups to create the action and suspense that is very common in his films, likewise, authors like Eugenia Collier and Edgar Allen Poe and their texts “Marigolds”, and “The Cask of Amontillado” use foreshadowing and dramatic irony to create the action and suspense.

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Tim Burton's films use cuts and close-ups to create the suspense and action in a lot of his films, like the short story “Marigolds” uses foreshadowing and dramatic irony. For example, in Tim Burton’s film Charlie And The Chocolate factory, Willy Wonka has a flashback to his youth, where the audience sees a young willy Wonka finding something near the fireplace, a chocolate, but when he decides to eat it, it cuts to give a close up of Willy Wonka’s young child face with a bunch of creepy looking dentist equipment. This scene, which is at the end of the movie, creates suspense as we learn what Willy Wonka went through as a child and realize some of the so-called accidents that happen earlier, and creates some comparisons with the fact that Willy Wonka and that Charlie both lived in less than desirable conditions. In the Tim Burton film Sleep Hollow, the headless horseman chases Ichabod Crane down a dirt road on horses, and eventually, the headless horseman attacks Ichabod with his flaming pumpkin head with a close up on the flying pumpkin head. When the headless horseman attacked, it honestly was a good jump scare and made the action and suspense a lot more interesting. In Charlie and the chocolate Factory, Augustus Gloop got stuck in the chocolate rooms pipes, and the rest of the group had to leave them behind. That incident is foreshadowing the future accidents to come and creates this small feeling of suspense as the fate of Augustus Gloop is unknown as they leave them behind

Authors such as Eugenia Collier and Edgar Allen Poe use dramatic irony and foreshadowing to create suspense and action. In the short story, “The Cask of Amontillado” it states that “A wrong is undressed when retribution overtakes its redresser. It is equally undressed when the avenger fails to make himself as such to him who has done the wrong.”. This quote is basically saying that in order to undo a wrong, the person wronged has to get rid of the person and murder them, and once understood, the story becomes more suspenseful as more instances of situational and dramatic iron occurs. In the short story, “Marigolds” by Eugenia Collier, she states that “I remember, that year, a strange restlessness of body and of spirit, a feeling that something old and familiar was ending and something unknown and therefor terrifying was beginning” .This quote from the short story shows that Eugenia Collier used foreshadowing to make us become excited for what is going to occur soon and creates a sense of suspense as it gets closer to the action. In the short story “Marigolds” Eugenia Collier states that “The idleness whose prospect had seemed so beautiful during the busy days of spring had degenerated to an almost desperate effort to fill up the empty midday hours”. This is creating suspense by giving even more hints about the action that she will regret for a very long time, and makes it so the audience keeps on thinking about what may happen. The authors conveyed mood really well by using a variety of methods.

After the analysis of several Tim Burton films and several stories by different authors, I now do more than watch films, I read them. I used to think that suspenseful scenes was achieved by that look on a character's face when something is wrong, but now it is clear that there is much more to directing a movie. A director has to consider the lighting, angles, sounds, and other similar techniques to all add up and create a certain feeling of action or suspense. I remember re watching charlie and the chocolate factory, and when re-watching it, I remember noticing things like the dark lighting, and the irony that I did not recognize as a little child. I can now recognize the techniques authors use in their stories as a result of knowing how certain directors accomplish it. A story cannot show you low-key lighting or other techniques but authors can use foreshadowing and and juxtaposition to create the suspense in their stories. When we were learning some of the techniques and how they tied in stylistic effects with how authors convey their themes and messages I noticed some new things in my independent reading book, Little brother such as the foreshadowing of certain events to create suspense. I am glad I learned this as I can now analyze movie trailers and theorize about what may or may not happen.

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