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Success And Failure Of British Colonialism

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British Colonialism was successful in the American culture where there was successful colonization and routing out the establishment and locals for all the European and British colonies. European war was mainly independence. It was not categorized as the war between the British and Americans. It was the fatigue for Indians, Dutch, and Spanish against the British. The European settlers in the society of America were brutally routed for already existing thinly populated natives and also established as the powerful and rich colonies almost entirely by the Europe people (Gupta, 2008, Lange, 2009). Terra nullius was a person in the jurisprudence for the time that permitted the settlers for deeming any non-christean as the part of area of flora and fauna and occupying the land as “land related to no one”. Due to this reason, there can be the virtual aspects having no threats for the revolts by the natives. It also enabled them for the severing ties in case of London. It is something that the Britain n the Indian sector will never be dreaming for.

In the India, they required the constant help from the London to survive the evidence by the hand for the administration ranging from the east India organization to the London (Gupta, 2008). Through contrasting with the America, the colonies could be easily surviving without any help. The alliances are long lasting and they are functioning better with the British empires. The French, Dutch and Spanish invested for the huge resources for helping the revolutionaries in the America. They also participated actively in the war against the British. This essay is highlighting the major positives and the negatives those can be leading as the success or the failures for British colonies in the America. First most effective factor in the success of British colonies is Pax Brittanica. Ranging from the napoleon defeat to the world war I’ out breaking, there was a relative peace observable in the Europe (Gupta, 2008).

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The American hegemony was fraught more with the international level of conflict between the effective powers as compared to the British. The second success for this factor is the strong currency that is held as the valuable currency until the time period of WWI started. It has been connected with the Pax Britannica (Lange, 2009). After the defeat of Napoleons in time period of 1815, the Britain took over the gold standards in time period of 1816 (Hodge, 2007, Lange, 2009). This standard was maintained until the WWI started. The pound was termed as the reserve currency of world. This also provided an opportunity of spreading technology all over the world. The developments in the technology and the information system was communicated to the entire world through the colonies. These issues can also be removed through the maintenance of the ideas and analyzing what are the major technologies those must be accepted and what can be excluded from the list of acceptance. The speed with which the industrial revolution started and happened was only possible by this adoption of technology. The extent was also remarkable as it was the process that had no involvement from the English.

The British was the creators of the modern life pattern and this importance must be emphasized. Another major success for this process is abolishment of the slavery by England in 1833 in a peaceful way (Hodge, 2007, Mahoney, 2010). When the American just started the abolitionist movement in the America, the British had obtained this level of the change already. The second part of the study is related to the failures associated with the British colonies in the America. The major reasons those can lead to confirmation that it is a failure will be discussed in this part. First of all, the British did not permit the France for giving up and losing the WWI in a quick way (Mahoney, 2010). They could save their culture in this procedure and conquered the major ruling authorities all over the world as well as prevented the WWII. But on the contrary side, the entire class of males died in this procedure just like other classes in the war (Mahoney, 2010). The punitive class of the criminal justice system is existing in the UK. It was also a wrong decision for drawing borders in the areas of Middle East and for meddling in the politics. The wars in the china that was categorized as Opium, was a wasteful. It could be the better decision to cut the trading of opium loose. In case the great famine is going to be happened in the current era, the UK will not be on the stance as they were. But they would be on the stance of the accused of genocide. It was inhumane and mainly unnecessary in nature.

In the case that the colonial system was failed, it was also not necessary to colonize (Mahoney, 2010). This is evident in the international trade based modern era that the systems can be operating perfectly without any colonialism. As mentioned by the Bastiat for the system, “To me, it is always true that colonial system is the most failed process led as an illusion resulting in the nations astray”. Summing it up, it can be said that the colonialism is a struggle for the development and the national combination of efforts for the utilization of resources in an effective way (Bernhard, Reenock et al. , 2004, Gerring, Ziblatt et al. , 2011). It has not yet given the chance for the economic uplift but there are various traditions to be considered in the short and long run (Bernhard, Reenock et al. , 2004, Mahoney, 2010). The colonialism can be the reason for the technological advancement but this is not the reason for the international trading (Bernhard, Reenock et al. , 2004, Mahoney, 2010). The study presented that there are different factors leading to the success and failure of the British colonialism in the America. The positive factors are less as compared to the failures or the negative aspects. The changes are also more effective for the industrial revolution in the major countries those were involved in or affected by this American colonialism by the British (Bernhard, Reenock et al. , 2004). The resources utilized are more effectively analyzed and available to the next generations (Gerring, Ziblatt et al. , 2011).

The colonialism also uprooted the major issues like the unemployment, inflation and the slavery. The rate of return for this decision is higher in the case of America (Gerring, Ziblatt et al. , 2011, Hodge, 2007). The problem arises due to the difference among the thoughts and lack of consensus for implementation of the ideas. The last words are suggested as the evidence for the more effective outcomes (Gerring, Ziblatt et al. , 2011) are combination of the colonialism and the international relationships so as there can be more investments in the future time period for trading as compared to short run implementation of the strategies (Bernhard, Reenock et al. , 2004, Gerring, Ziblatt et al. , 2011). The political and the social affairs have a strong effect on American culture.


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