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Success Factors Of Tokyo Disneyland

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Tokyo Disneyland has been operating for more than 30 years now, and it is still growing. For Disney’s first international park, it is considered to be very successful as it was able to fully capture its target market within years of its operation. Having a third-party Japanese corporation on managing such a huge scale of the business venture has contributed a lot to this success. As mentioned before, the great cultural compatibility between American and Japanese work ethics created a good synergy and harmony to pave the way for Tokyo’s success.

With the continued success of the theme parks, its management implemented a business reorganization so it can focus on this particular business segment and secure its future growth. It has also come at the right time of securing such a license to operate a Disney-themed park. Nowadays, Disney does not give such licenses anymore but rather introduces a joint venture where it owns less than 50% but has the full control over management and operation. This puts Oriental Land Co. at an advantageous point as it has more freedom and also takes more of the revenues than its counterparts. This success may also have factored in investing more and leveraging by being part of equity rather than fully outsource it.

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On the other hand, Hong Kong Disneyland is facing various problems ever since its inception. Its annual attendance target was not met at its opening year, it has been unpredictable if it will increase or decrease the next following years as it tried to introduce different parades and events and even an annual pass to attract more local residents. The latest addition to Iron Man Experience last 2017 is said to have attracted Marvel fans and Disney fans alike to enjoy the new kind of attraction. This ride utilizes the new developments in visual reality or VR which creates an immersive yet thrilling experience.

The creation and construction of the park itself has been a battlefield of different ideas and concepts with Disney wanting to keep its roots of an American experience and the Government hoping that some Chinese features can be seen within the premises. The cultural backlash was also feared unlike in the Tokyo location where the Japanese community welcomed the new leisure activity presented by Disney.

In conclusion, even with a different mode of entry and relationship with the Disney group, both resorts are controlled by the group especially in terms of its creative execution. The main factor affecting its performance is how good it is being presented to its target audience. The cultural compatibility that the Tokyo location experienced is lacking in its Hong Kong parks which presented a difficult position.


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