Success in Life Without a College Degree

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Success In Life Without A College Degree

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Success is a simple word with many different meanings. Success is achieving life goals and reaching a happy point in life. To be successful it is not necessary to have high education. Many successful people do not have higher education. Also, some people with a degree are not happy in their life. Therefore, a person should not depend entirely on their degree, but trust in their abilities and work hard to reach this kind of success. Even though, success is not easily achieved. A person might face failures and hardships, but one should not lose hope and should continue and never give up because this is only the beginning of the journey of success. There are many ways to reach success. And, believing in oneself abilities and talents, having passion is one of the ways. Another way is being positive about the process of success. Also, reading about people who are successful without a degree is motivational and a person can learn from their stories. And, other ways will help a person to accept their failure and overcome them. This paper will disuse how can someone be successful in their life without a college education.

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When people start going on the journey to success, they get surprised by the obstacles they face. Without knowing the way to overcome these obstacles they give up. Therefore, a person should look up the right way to facing them. And know that success is not easily reached without knowing the proper way to succeed.

The first step to overcome failures is to accept them. To overcome such missteps a person has to go through some points to deal with them. Tarek (2014) claimed that for the beginning a person has to start assessing one’s themself. Meditate and think about any mistakes that they might have done that made them reach the point of failure, and people should look back at their mistakes, recognize them and try to correct them because if they did not, the same mistake will be repeated. The second point is that a person should not underestimate their effort and feel good about it. Looking back at their hard work and effort they might be angry at the beginning. Because it didn’t work, but with a thought about it, it will show that it is better to work hard and fail rather than feeling ashamed of being lazy and failing. Therefore, even great minds have failed before they accomplish success. Just look at it as a step on the road to success. Another step is to look forward to evaluating one’s mistakes, move on to the next step and think about it. This will the mind to take of what happened and it will give a person the chance to know if they have learned from their previous mistakes. Focusing on the new step and putting all the effort into it will make up for one’s previous failure. The last thing is to accept the idea of failing in the future. When the thought of the possibility of failing is in one’s mind, it will make easier and better at accepting failure. If a person is prepared for failure it will be a little bit easier.

Canfield (2015) stated that success is all about you, it depends on you and what you do until you reach it. You are the one that is in charge of what happens in your life, and in charge of your mind. Facing difficulties depends on your perspective and how you deal with them. Some people could deal with it positively, and some could be negative about it. In 1994 in the Northridge earthquake there was a traffic jam at the time because the earthquake damaged one of the main freeways so people were incapable of reaching their jobs as fast as they did before. At that time a CNN reporter was doing his report by asking people how they were doing in the traffic jam. One responded that he hated California because of all the natural disasters that happened and because he is always late for work because of that. Another one answered with a smile on his face that it is not a problem for him, because under these circumstances he couldn’t do anything more than going out for work a 5 A.M., and he was happy with what he got of cassette tapes, his coffee and he even brought a book with him. Therefore, in many ways facing difficulties depends on how you look at these difficulties. If it is an opportunity or is it a barrier that keeps you from reaching your goals. The second thing is that he came prepared, being prepared to face the problems makes it a lot easier for you to overcome them.

Before you reach a successful point in your life, you will pass several stations which help you to attain your life point. Accepting your failure, passing challenges and the last station that you will face is finding yourself. Last stations will change your thoughts about success, also will help you to believe in yourself. One of the main reasons why people do not reach the point that will let them be successful is they haven’t decided what they want. The worst thing is living someone else’s Dreams. Each one of us has a different ability which means the ability that my friend finds easy is not necessarily easy for me. According to Canfield (2015), we have not to live our goal to please others such as you go to medical school because that what your mom wants. You have to determine what things you love to do because that will push you to reach a high level of your goal. Many things help you to define your passion. For example, remember things that you love to do when you were a child, subjects that you had got high marks on them and try to get a job in that field.

To help yourself to overcome the obstacle and being a successful person even without a college degree, you have to follow some important points that lead you to reach a high point in your life. Several things assist you to develop yourself, such as successful people stories, being a positive person, and having a life goal.

Becoming successful is not easily obtainable, but it is a process that a person will go through, and a couple of steps that a person should follow. To excel and reach success a personal desire, it is fundamental to pursue these points. A point that found out to be important is reading about other people’s success stories. Success stories motivate people to be better. It helps people to take a step to the life they need. Reading about other people’s success is a great way to relax and gain hope again. It makes people think that success is possible and it is there. It just requires hard work. Stories of success are a big inspiration to many people. It inspires people in many ways. Willett (n.d) said that there are several stories about successful people that have been heard many times by people without a college degree. These people turned to have a huge success. Steve Jobs the late founder of Apple and Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft, to name a few. Success stories are not only for famous people. Success stories are not only for famous people. Parents, friends, locals, and so on them must have a success story that changes their lives. Ask around hear all kinds of stories of success and be motivated.

Another fundamental point is to determine your goal in life. To find a purpose to work to. A person without a goal in life is said to be lost and will not make a change there. Like Canfield (2015) stated that without a purpose in life, it is much easy to divert from one’s life journey and, get lost and wander without accomplishing much. Therefore, finding a life goal is important. It will guide the person in the right way for success. Once a person finds a purpose in life, the road to success will be clear and, everything in life will seem to come naturally. To find one’s life goal is to find what your interests are and what you wish to be. With a newfound goal, a person will discover passion and determination for all activities in life.

People could lead themselves by constantly finding encouragement within their souls, focus on the skills they have, and explain how experiences make them a strong fit. As negative energy is caused by negative thinking, positive energy comes from positive thinking. The brain just needs a little help to defeat its negative inner voice. When it feels like something always or never happens, this is just the brain’s natural threat tendency inflating. Identify and classify the thoughts, by separating these thoughts from the facts to get out from the negativity cycle and move to the positive new outlook. Positive thinking can do many things helps to be healthier, create opportunities, more productive, solve problems, and ultimately happier. Good thinking can change the whole life, it can change the level of personally and professionally (Maxwell, 2009). Developing resiliency begins with adaptability, acceptance, and gratitude. Positive people have a high mental capacity which allows them to be a great adapter to the environment changes because they have developed a set of powerful mental traits. Some of the negative people blame others for all their miseries and some blame themselves. Often it is easy to blame oneself, feel sorry or put oneself down. The way to become a better thinker is to be positive and keeping yourself away from the negative energy is to be able to let a bad thing go and don’t overthink it, have compassion for yourself as well as, self-encouragement. Without compassion, people would never find the awareness that allows them to nurture their true selves. Inspiration can come from anywhere and anyone. It may come from books or movies that combine life stories with a spiritual journey. Reading and writing positive reaffirmations on paper allows visualizing destiny consciously. Human minds have an enormous capacity to connect the invisible dots to guide them to strive for the impossible. Reading and writing are therapeutic, it turns the anger, fear, and disappointments into inspiration. It serves as stress relief when people try to turn negative into positive by finally expressing what they feel down deep inside.

To achieve your life aim after having defeat you have to pass many situations. Overcome your failure by trusting yourself that you will pass the obstacle even you do not have a degree, and you have to learn from that failure because everyone learns from his life lessons. Every step in your life will have difficulty, so you have to decide how you will deal with it because that will determine the next step in your successful journey which is finding yourself. Trying to find your passion that means reading more and more about things that attract you. A person should follow the fundamental points that lead to success because it is not easy to achieve them without following the essential points. A major point that is said to be helpful is reading success stories. Stories like this give motivation and inspiration to people. Also, people relax and gain hope when reading success stories. Another point is finding one’s self-life goal. It is critical to find a life goal, without it a person will be lost and will not reach the success they want. When this goal is found the road to success is reachable. Being a positive person that will help you to have more prosperity in your life even you do not have a college degree. 

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