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Muhammad Ali was an American boxer who began training since his junior high year. He started off by learning how to box from a policeman at a gym, and that’s when he figured that this is where he wants to build his career and make into the Olympics. In the year 1960, Muhammad Ali became famous worldwide when he earned his first gold medal by winning the fight against his opponents at the Rome Olympics. In 1967, Ali decided to change his religion and converted to the Muslim religion.Muhammad Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. This is a disorder that is caused by the deterioration of the nerve cells in the brain and causes an effect in movement and coordination all over the body. It affects the body in a mental, physical and emotional way as it causes muscle quivers, mood disorders, sleep issues, irregular speech, and limb bracing. People diagnosed with this disease tend to speak slow or stutter.Ali’s symptoms began showing in the early 1980s which he technically spent his entire boxing life fighting against this disorder. His symptoms included slow motor functions and irregular speech patterns.Muhammad Ali has immensely contributed to the media and literature.

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After he was diagnosed with this disease, he began to raise awareness of Parkinson’s disease. He educated people more about this disease as a lot of people who were diagnosed with this disease took it very negatively and assumed that you can’t live much longer and it’s incurable, but Ali cleared the doubts and he addressed to the media by saying that with good treatment, therapies, and care you can possibly lead a long healthy life. During the 1990s, Muhammad Ali organized a Celebrity fight night to raise money for Parkinson’s disease research and he approximately managed to collect $100 million dollars in a donation for the cause. Also, in order to increase more awareness, Ali donated to the present treatment procedure of Parkinson’s disease. Muhammad Ali is known worldwide as he has been involved in being part of books, poetry, music and arts. He has released a few music albums that are famously known and he performed in New York City’s famous Broadway musical. He wrote and published several books in which a couple of them are titled as, “The Greatest: My Own Story” and “The Soul of a Butterfly” were the most popular and bestselling books.In addition, when Ali was first diagnosed with this disease, some of his doctors had mentioned that it was due to boxing that led him to be diagnosed with this disease, and he was told to stop boxing anymore.

It was a difficult thing for him to let go as he has spent half of his life pursuing his career, but despite him being refused to continue his boxing career he still continued to do so and he fought his own battle against this disease. His strength gave a message of hope globally to the people, especially to the ones who were also suffering from this disease. He bravely faced the cameras during his most helpless moments, just to show the world that Parkinson cannot defeat you and you always have to be strong and positive in order to fight this disease. This is a great and helpful resource for people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. It provides a good understanding of Parkinson’s disease including the symptoms, cause and treatments. This website also provides qualified specialists that mainly specialize in treating people diagnosed with this disease. They provide emotional support and get patients prepared before getting admitted to the hospital and provide aftercare from the hospital. They have educational books and podcasts that would give you more information regarding this disease and how to get treated from it.In conclusion, we should continue to raise awareness regarding Parkinson’s disease and be inspired by Muhammad Ali as to how he positively took it and fought his battle against Parkinson’s disease. By raising awareness, people who are diagnosed with this disorder or any other type of disorder will learn how to tackle it and be strong and positive about.

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