Critical Success Factors of Taff's Campaign Business Strategy

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Ahead of applying strategy a risk analysis must be undertaken

Key Risk Action to mitigate risk

  • Could be “blamed” for Government policy and finance decisions Provide information to stakeholders so they are aware of Government decisions.
  • Low staff morale due to planned changes resulting in poorer service to customers Internal communications need to express and engage all staff. Working with Heads of Service & HR to manage.
  • Communication assistant to sit in staff briefings to understand issues those employees are facing.
  • Failure to manage media relations effectively could result in negative headlines Ensure resource available to manage PR. Ensure appropriate prioritisation takes place.
  • Failure to effectively publicise key initiatives, resulting in poor engagement. Forward Plan developed and agreed with service heads/directors
  • Continued failure identifiable brand/ recognition of its values delivery of excellent services Creation of brand and vision guidelines and quality assurance to be applied.
  • Sporadic requests for campaigns/initiatives/spend not already considered or funded – as has been traditional as Taff Content to be scrutinised before publicising to determine worth.
  • Changes in GDPR Evaluation of current practices and policies. Insurance of consent is written before publishing images, stories or any other personal data in relation to the campaign.


An initial evaluation of Taff’s website and social channels will be undertaken with content updated in order to appeal to the publics appropriately. A review of social media and website policy is essential to identify current practices. Digital champions within the organisation will be re-trained and advised in order for content to be consistent. A quality assurance practice will also be put in place. Currently Taff do not promote any information around disability and inclusivity of groups such as LGBTQ+. This will be changed in order to convey Taff’s current vision and values. In order to be as accessible as possible the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) will be followed. A content plan with business trade press will be identified to keep publics up to date with Taff’s achievements whilst informing the role the organisation play. Analytics from this content is measureable from platform insights and internally recording contact rate to business through telephone communication.

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Taff will incorporate various tactics in order to meet all objectives outlined in this campaign.

  • Activity To Meet Objective(s)
  • Entrance into relevant awards 1,2,4
  • Weekly content plan with business press and trade media 1,2,3,4
  • To increase video content on website and social media channels Examples: how to videos for tenants, videos of achievements & development progress 1, 3
  • To produce an internal communication update for employees and board 2,3
  • To increase community investment activity by using special events, media, social media and community relations. 1,3
  • Community fun days open to Taff’s clients, business partners and the wider community 2,4
  • Launch of new support services brand strategy 1,2,3,4
  • To work on an internal strategy that will address the communication issues internally.


Although the campaign duration is set as 12 months it is understood by the organisation that repositioning image among all publics can take a significant amount of time. This will be impacted by physical appearance as well as organisational practices. Therefore success should be evaluated at the end of this campaign and look to extend if appropriate.


  • Resource Cost (£) Estimated Work Hours
  • Business News Wales (Online Trade Press Magazine) Content to be given weekly to reach external business publics – targeted. £12,000 1 hour per press release
  • Awards Free to enter. Cost is covered if a finalist. £0 1 hour per award submission
  • Adverts in trade press magazines 24 Housing
  • Inside Housing £600 No longer than 30 minutes
  • Community Events Community Funday (Each)
  • Pride Cymru x 5 representatives £8,000
  • £1 2x 8 hour events
  • Planning events 6 hours
  • Printed Material £500
  • Social media Videos & Production
  • Scheduled sponsored posts £0
  • £60 <5 hours per video
  • Per social champion <2 hours weekly
  • Website review New, bespoke
  • Support Time – 24 hours £15,000

£0 Months to finalise

  • Survey Monkey £45 Sending – 5 minutes
  • Collating <2 hours
  • Staff Travel to and from events £500 -
  • Brand content plan Internal £0 1 month

Communication in appropriate languages & improving inclusivity/accessibility £100 – through events and specialist equipment/interpreters if needed Constant need. Initial undertake will require a significant amount of time.

Measurement & Evaluation

Formative evaluation will monitor activities throughout the campaign and will realise that each activity is reaching the appropriate target audience whilst having the desired effect. This will allow for relevant adjustments to be made where results are failing to deliver the objectives outlined in this campaign . Summative evaluation will take place at the end to evaluate and measure impact of the campaign as a whole and to determine whether an extended period for the campaign is relevant.


Increase in awareness of Taff Housing Association’s services and practices within one year

Measureable: Taff will track all website traffic using Google Analytics and use social media platforms insight data reports to show an increase in engagement with particular interest of new engagers. After completion of the campaign a second conduction of Appendix 1 will be undertaken to measure the influence on the engagement in the positioning of Taff Housing Association among these publics.

Increased interaction by 10% within one year

Measureable: Taff will track all new communications with external publics to determine if this number is increasing for positive reasons.

Change in communication practices internally

Policies and practices internally will be reviewed in order to improve communication and efficiency of cross department working. Measureable: By increased communication of success stories to the communications assistant. Increased engagement and knowledge will be evaluated in staff survey. Analytics will be used on intranet to measure increased engagement.

Success of this campaign can be confirmed when all goals and objectives are met.

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