Success: Persistence, Grit and Determination

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  • Introduction
  • Persistence
  • Grit
  • Determination
  • Famous Failure
  • Works Cited


There are billions of people on this Earth that outlook success in their own unique way. Though with many minds there tend to be some that think alike. In the English dictionary it's definition of success is, "the accomplishment of an aim or purpose." Throughout many years success has evolved and now many strive to try and obtain it. Success is a goal that you set and reach, it is something that can be accomplished. Whether they reach a goal illegally or unrightfully there are many who find success differently. Many may think that success is owning a nice car, a house, and starting a family; just living a good lifestyle. Success can be accomplished in many ways but success itself is a goal that can be reached with persistence, grit, and determination.

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No matter how difficult something may be anything can be overcome with persistence. In "True Grit" Maddie's persistence allowed her to reach her goal of catching her father's killer. That was her own form of success because she would feel accomplished since her mindset was clear to have "blood for blood." Persistence can play a large role in success because not giving up is a factor in accomplishing what you desire even after failure. Hope is what can allow an individual to maintain persistence. When taking a course of action there are many ways to reach a certain goal and individuals look for the easiest way to reach success, but sometimes it isn't always the best way. When that happens there tends to be more failures and people lose hope in themselves, which leads to them losing persistence.


When one comes across the word grit it can be difficult to understand without an actual definition. One isn't born with an above average IQ (intelligence quotient) or a successful future. People are able to expand their IQ level and to form their own aspect of success with grit. Grit is a character trait one can learn to develop that allows one to show strength in character. In the Ted Talk, "Grit: the power of passion and perseverance" it mentioned that, " Grit is unrelated to talent." Angela Lee Duckworth believed that everyone had the ability to learn and build grit if your mindset was in the right place. When thinking of grit it can be thought of as a long term success factor and rather than depending on one's "talent". To be successful, it's to do everything you can to reach the goal. With passion and perseverance success can be reached.

In "The Crooked Ladder" Chuck and Mike's criminal acts were attempts to build better lives for their families. Even though the actions Chuck and Mike were doing had consequences, their vision of success was putting the wellness of their family before theirs.


The act of being determined can allow oneself to achieve success. Success look like achieving your goal.

Famous Failure

Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Hermosa Chicago Illinois. He grew up with his father (Elias Disney), mother (Flora Call Disney), four brothers and one sister. During his youth he found an interest for things like; trains, painting, photography, and drawing. He became a cartoonist for his school newspaper and took courses at the Art Institute of Chicago, but ended up dropping out at the age of 16.He attempted to join the military and was rejected due to his age so he went ahead and took on a job in France driving ambulances for one year. One of Walter's biggest failures throughout his lifetime was getting fired from a Missouri newspaper for not being "creative enough".

People can feel they've reached success once happiness comes to them after all the stress and fails to do what they've been trying to accomplish.

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