Successful Entrepreneurs of the Middle-east


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The ultimate way to prophecy your future is to create it yourself; a quote that has proven to be a motivating factor for today’s successful entrepreneurs. This article is inclusive of 5 such triumphant entrepreneurs that have paved their way into becoming the force that transformed the Middle-East into a pioneer in the world of business.

Firstly, Ronaldo Mouchawar. Mouchawar is the co-founder and CEO of the Arab world’s largest e-commerce site, He was born in Aleppo, Syria and has attained his education from the United States. His company Souq has achieved so much success since its launch 10 years ago that it is remarked as the Amazon of the Middle-East. Mouchawar introduced a sales event called the White Friday sale in 2014 for his Arab market. This sales event proved to be the big break that landed Souq with double the sales, various entrepreneurial awards, and a market valuation that exceeded $1billion. The company was acquired by Amazon in 2017 for its excellent growth opportunities.

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Second is the founder and CEO of the Middle-East’s first ever luxury sports car manufacturing company, Ralph R Debbas. Debbas was raised in Beirut and born in a family of industrialists. This sparked the drive in him to create W motors. W motors was founded in 2012 in Lebanon with headquarters in Dubai, UAE. It took Debbas 7 years to develop his brand with an investment of $13million. Through consistent hard work and dedication, W motors was able to launch Lykan HyperSport, its very first prototype. This launch was made at the Qatar International Motor Show and helped the company gain enough publicity to be called in to provide race cars to appear in Universal Studios’ film, Furious 7.

Glowork, a women empowerment organization that has created over a thousand jobs for women in Saudi Arabia was founded by Al Khudair. Glowork was created as a part-time website to help Saudi women feel empowered by earning for themselves. However, after the company was acquired by SAS Holding, a Saudi investment firm, Glowork became a pioneer in the country. In hopes of growing this company, Al Khudair left his previous job and dedicated his time working on his creation. Though his hard work, he was able to connect with 1.2million women in the country, providing them with jobs and a better future. Glowork helped him receive over 30 awards for his success and an investment of over $16million for expanding his business.

Fourth is the founder and CEO of Loulou Khazen Baz created Nabbesh in Lebanon to simplify the process for businesses to connect with freelancers based in the Middle-East and North Africa. Nabbesh is remarked as the Arab world’s first online work marketplace and is undergoing rapid growth since its success at the 2012 series of The Entrepreneur, the aftermath of which has helped the company gain over 40,000 users all over the world. Baz has already attained a whopping $100k crowd funding to develop her company further and is determined to become the pioneer in the work market industry.

 Hobeika is a Lebanese entrepreneur who founded Instabeat, a swimming tracking device that monitors and records a swimmers heartbeat, in an attempt to help them have better control over their bodies and attain their desired training goals. Hobeika, a former olypic swimmer herself, was quick to notice a gap in the supply for swimming electronics despite its demand. This motivated her to raise funds through a crowd funding platform and attain over $50k for mass development of the product. Her future plan is to launch the product in San Francisco where she is currently developing the product. 

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