Suffering of Children During the Holocaust

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Between 1941 and 1945, European Jews were taken from their homes and treated like animals just because of their religion. The Germans took Jews from all social classes and of all different ages. They even took children. During the Holocaust, children were the most mistreated out of all the people. They had to get separated from their friends and family. They were forced to get experimented on and sometimes sexually assaulted. Since they were so young, they didn’t know what was going on and they were hidden from the outside world. Out of the 6 million Jews who were murdered, around 1 million were children. Luckily, some young ones did survive by being hidden. The suffering of children during the brutal camps caused them to have no family when they grew up because of what the camps were doing to them

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When the ideology got out that Jewish people should be discriminated from others, close friends unexpectedly avoided the association of their classmates just because they were Jews . Jews felt deserted by their peers. Even the adults and teachers became bitter because there was a law where Jews were taken out of school because they wanted the Germans to get an education, not the Jews. Jewish children didn't have a traditional childhood during this time; they were forbidden on going to the park and swimming. It was against the law to do these everyday activities. When some kids did not have a proper childhood, they were unable to have a proper future too.

As soon as the Jews arrived at the camp, they were immediately separated by age. If they were too young, too old, or even pregnant, they were automatically sentenced to death . When they were sentenced to death, they were ordered to the gas chambers also known as the killing centers. If there was a baby or even a small child, they would go straight the the gas chamber . If a baby was found, they didn’t have a chance to live; they usually were thrown into the fire pits or sometimes given to dogs to get murdered alive. A few newborns got hidden from the Germans. This prevents them from getting killed and they would have a chance to live. Unfortunately, when the person that hid the infant gets caught, they were sent to the killing centers. However, if you looked able enough to do hard labor, even though you were young, they did not sentence you to instant death . Germans killed so many young ones, they essentially killed an entire generation.

When the Jews arrive at the camp, the officers scan the crowd and look for twins. Usually the twins are young, they immediately take them to a building to get experimented on. The person that was head of the experiments was physicians Josef Mengele . The experiments turned children into to unwilling medical subjects. Mengele forced about 3,000 innocent children into torturous experiments; this causes them to get exposed to numerous diseases and disabilities . The experiments affected their future life with all the diseases and disabilities. The officers targeted pregnant women too. When The doctors experiment on pregnant women, they torture the mother first. But after the baby is delivered, the baby would be thrown into fire instantly. The newborn would not even have a chance to live.

The women are not the only people being impact, but the unborn children were mistreated as well. Unfortunately, the children often were murdered first, but the more unlucky ones were tortured even more through experimentation. In 1945, the mass murder of 6 million Jews finally ended. When other armies and allied troops discovered the concentration camps, they were furious. They saw that there were piles of dead people, human ashes, and bones. Soldiers also came across that there were thousand Jewish survivors suffering from diseases and starvation. Adolf Hitler committed suicide after the war ended. Since then, the Holocaust has impacted the world we live in today. This tragic event made many people not take anything for granted. The world is now protecting human rights and expanding vigorously.   

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