Suggestions for Extracurricular Activities for Child's Development

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When kids go to pre-school, they begin to see, feel and experience new things by using their minds and bodies. Toddlers have a curious mind, they observe things and gather information, through interaction with adults and peers to satisfy their thirst for knowledge. But as it is said that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, hence pre-school is the right time for parents to put their children in extracurricular activities, which helps to guide their energies in the right direction.

Besides developing child’s skills in various areas, extra-curricular activities help kids to build confidence and improve their social skills. Kids learn how to be a part of a team and explore more about their talents by being part of various playful activities. Extra-curricular activities help in the overall development of the kid– physically, emotionally and intellectually. Such activities help to nurture the personalities of the kids in a positive way.

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So here is a list of extracurricular activities, that will surely help your kid to learn from them.

  1. Dance: Dance is a great form of expression. Dance is a great way of building confidence, coordination and kinesthetic intelligence in kids. Dance helps to drive away the stage fright and hence they don’t feel nervous while performing in front of others. This confidence helps them in their day-to-day life as well.
  2. Sports: Being a physically engaging extra-curricular activity, sports help to make the child stronger, both physically and mentally. Through sports, kids learn to make decisions on behalf of the team. Sports presents new challenges to them, thus providing them learning moments on a daily basis.
  3. Music: Providing an array of instruments to choose from, music provides a certain sense of freedom to everyone. Apart from developing skills, children get to learn a lot about history and culture while learning music. Music helps to relax the mind and learning to read musical notes helps brain in multiple ways.
  4. Painting And Sketching: We all will agree that kids are a budding artists. Just give them pencil or crayon, and you can watch them draw their masterpieces on the walls of the home. Kids are surely going to enjoy playing with colours and creating different works of art. Kids are sure to prefer painting and sketching over other more boisterous activities. This activity will help to develop the areas associated with creativity.
  5. Swimming: Being a basic life skill, swimming is a great way to develop the awareness about personal safety and fighting back in an emergency situation in the kids. This activity helps in self-development and self-confidence which is good for proper personal growth. Your child may be scared at first, but slowly they will start to feel comfortable. Swimming also help to hone motor and movement skills of the kid.

The list is endless for sure. So, it’s important to spend some time with your kid, as it will help you understand his/her interests and skills, hence you can choose the right activity for them. If you have some activities to add to this list, then feel free to share them in the comment below.

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