Suicide and Depression of Student

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Suicide and depression. One of the greatest enemies of all student especially the teacher too. Depression is one of the hardest emotional illness to deal with. In just one wrong move to a person who is depressed it can lead to suiciding thoughts. Most people experience this problem because of lack of encouragement, family problems, academic problems and breaking up with your girlfriends and boyfriend that may lead to for being lonely, depress, and always thinking “what is my purpose in this world, it is better to kill myself, no one loves me anymore” depression is so powerful that if you let your emotions, physical or body to be beaten up by depression there is a lot of instances that might happen to you if you do not fight back for yourself. Knowing yourself well or being strong in different kinds of problem might help you to fight depression. Depression is not unusual for student, teens, or adolescence to feel down or depress. Especially student that have problems that they can not handle well.

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Student who lack of support from loves ones, or in academic that they need to finish it in time, especially we’re talking about student who is grade conscious. The articles that I have read is just the same. Explaining why people feel the word “depression” why do we have depression. Talks about depression is one of the adolescence problem, and depression is one of the so many reason or rather the biggest reason why do adolescence, teenager or student take their own life in sch a way. People who feel depress should be compromise but also, we need to be careful on the things that we do, the words we say that comes out in our mouth because we don’t know if the things we do to that person to feel better, is effective there are instant or tendency that the things and words we say may affect or make them more depress to the point they do not want to live anymore. But instead knowing the things that we can do to help the person who is depress feel better will help the, to think that, life is so precious, indispensable. Think what we can do if we did that things to the people feel depress we can save life or rather we can save adolescence lives. Based on the study age 15-24 take their life because of depression.

There is a lot of articles showing how to deal with stress, how can we fight depression. How can we stop adolescence take their own life or precious lives. They just ca not handle the problem, but inside. Inside their heart they still fighting hoping someone to help them. Based on the study people survive at attempting suicide is being thankful that they survive. Life is indispensable, life is so precious than our wealth. If we analyze the situation for people who is depress we can save their life for attempting suicide. We can do action on our own, but the best way is we consult to a specialist on what to do or the adult might help especially the parents. There is a lot of things or action that we can do just to save life of other people on committing suicide. We just need to analysis the situation, we just need to be careful about every steps we take to the person who is depressing to feel better. I realize I need to think first what to say, what to do if a person is depress because I encounter people like them and I just give advice for them that I think I will make them better. Knowing the things that you need to do will make your decision better. People do not just feel depression easily there is a lot more things to happen until they come to the point that they do not want to leave anymore.

To the point that they want to die. Especially I have been there to the point that I don’t want to leave anymore, that time when I go to the kitchen and I saw a knife I just want to stab myself so that I can die and can not feel the pain anymore or the problem that I have been facing. “Every night I always think that what is my purpose in this world?”, “who am i?” “what am I doing in this world?” ,”I want to die” that time so many thoughts rushing to my head giving me reason not to leave anymore. Not to fight anymore, all I want is to finish my life. I can not stand the pain, the problems, all the situations. I never talk to someone what I really felt even my parent I do not talk to them that saying. “Ma, De, gusto ko na mamatay… di ko na kaya” it is so hard to think that you are worthless. But I stood myself. Fighting for what is right, that it is just a problem given by god. He will not let me deal with it alone, he is always there for me that is the time I face my problem and think positive that is the time when I deal at any problem with joy. Problems are just problems, always remember that god gave us problems not to kill ourselves, rather he gave us problems to make us even stronger. To helps us to stood on our own. The three articles that I have read is related to each other well they talk about all about depression on how people commit suicide because of depression. Because of this kind of information given by the articles or any articles this will give us knowledge about what to do If depression suddenly take the emotion of a people who is experiencing it. Every idea that the article gave will help me to be more careful on what I say or the things I do, and even for myself it will help me to face problems or depression. What I have felt for myself is that I have been fragile, I have been weak, worthless for thinking that I cannot face problem well, but I fight my problem and depression with my own might. You cannot take your own life so easily. If I let depression beat me that is the time that I will be worthless, null, vain, valueless because if I let depression defeat me maybe I am not here anymore. Maybe I kill myself, but no. remember. “LIFE? LIFE IS WORTH LIVING. PROBLEMS IS JUST A PROBLEM, PROBLEMS CAME TO US FOR US TO BE STRONG”.

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