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Suicide In Jay Asher’s “Thirteen Reasons Why”

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Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher is a dynamic novel published in 2011 by Penguin Group. This book features a life of a teenage freshman college student and newcomer Hannah Baker and her colleague Clay Jansen in the life situation that one cannot withstand to survive an overwhelmed depression from friends and colleagues. The book basically highlighted some of the basic internal peer pressure that eventually depressed teenage in the modern world. This book is a unique creative piece of writing that has seventeen chapters. It is distinctively outlined in a style that reader is very much connected into it until the end. The two other chapters label the protagonist and the remaining one was an inspirational messages to the teenage while the rest thirteen chapters critically argue the reasons why the Hannah Baker committed such regrettable act.

Before Hannah Baker committed suicide, she recorded 7 cassette tapes. The tapes have both sides, side A and side B. Each side was especially dedicated to thirteen people whom she knew that they were the reasons why she committed suicide. The reason of suicide committed by Hannah was not known by Clay Jansen until a mail arrived and he found seven sets of cassettes in the mailbox. He took the box home and played using the old stereo in the garage bought by his father for no reasons and listen to the stories recorded by Hannah to outline some of the actions taken for granted which were the contributing factors towards Hannah’s tragic and devastating decisions to commit suicide. While listening to the cassette tape, the first name called was Justin Foley.

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Justin Foley was Hannah’s first kiss when she entered freshman class as a newcomer. Justin was just another average guy in the school which usually hangout lot of girls. However, Justin and Hannah did just more than kiss or nobody really knew it but with an arrogant attitude, Justin spread out the tales. For Justin, it was just another chapter of his love life but for Hannah, a newcomer, it was a very stressful and painful as it would probably shake her character in the next few years in to stay in the school.

With the tape played, Clay follow the instructions and directions given by Hannah and follow the map around and arrived at Hannah’s old house. There the second name was called and it was Alex Standall. Alex was the person who named Hannah as “Best A” after hearing the false rumors about Hannah and Justin. This adds another twist to degrade Hannah’s reputations. According to the tape, as the false rumors widespread about Hannah and Alex this time, Jessica David, another newcomer break up with Alex and Clay arrived at a coffee shop where Hannah and Jessica had an argument Jessica scratched Hannah’s face with fingers leaving scars on her face. Jessica was the fourth person named in the tape as Clay move around listening carefully on the stereo.

As Clay moved around carefully following the instructions on the tape, the fourth name was called and it was Tyler Down. Tyler was equipped with camera when Hannah and Courtney Crimsen (fifth name) were inside Hannah’s room. Earlier on, Courtney was invited by Hannah to help her catch the crook. This time, Courtney took Hannah to party and again the rumors sparked out again about Hannah and Courtney.

Clay listens carefully and follows the instructions and directions given. Sixth on the list was Marcus Collie. Marcus was in fact Hannah’s ‘soul mate’ and he actually proposed her for a date to Rosie’s. Clay was somewhat so wondering and kind of having a mixed feeling but he carefully followed through and seventh name was called Zach Dempsey. During one of the peer communication class, Zach stole Hannah’s encouragement note and the story highlight that the class refused to help Hannah.

As the tape continues, the eight name was called and it was Ryan Shaver, a person who stole Hannah’s poem. Hannah thought that everything would be fine as time goes but still life gets hurtful and her heart was butchered by arrogant behavior from the students. As Clay listens carefully, the ninth name was called and it was Clay. Clay’s heart was shanked and so he listen carefully but Hannah mention nothing bad done to her by Clay and further express how much she like Clay but she just does not want to hurt herself again so she turned down.

Justin was again named on the tenth place. This was after party, when Justin left and denied Jessica to exit and she was raped by Bryce Walker. Hannah was there but hid in the closet and did not do anything to help Jessica. Furthermore it elaborates the eleventh person. It was their cheerleader Jenny Kurtz, which Jenny decided to give a lift to Hannah but she refused to because it was raining. Unfortunately, accident already occurred when Hannah was looking for help.

Again Bryce Walker was named on the twelfth place. This time Hannah had sex with Bryce in the bathtub.

Finally, last person named was Mr. Porter, the school guidance counselor. He does not put an effort to rescue Hannah to from this things and she was already firm to commit suicide.

Hannah was very depressed and it reaches a point where she could withstand the enormous pressure and rejections from her friends. She have nothing left to but the only resort to commit suicide. She tried all her best to protect her reputations and integrity but the kind of people she hang out were not protective. They took Hannah for granted. She tried every person but none of them were fair enough to help her. Even the school guidance lesson teacher could not help her out.

Hannah was exposed to child sex when she first entered the freshman year. However, her experience was not a good precedent to uphold her integrity and reputation. She was marginalized, which psychologically and emotionally hurt her. Teenage nowadays are exposed to such situation where they are immature to solve such the problem. That offers nothing but the bad reputation for their future.

Violence against girls and women

Even though the Hannah was not physically bared to violence, she was emotionally butchered. With the increased technology, the violence against women and girls have been growing in an alarming rate. Such behavior should be condemned at highest possible manner.

Defamation of character

Despite, the fact that nobody know the truth about Hannah’s relationship with several few boys she interact with but the rumors were spread around defaming her character. Again, with increased technology, many people face such defamation in their life. Providing facts and figures to comment over someone is much acceptable than a lame rumors to defame character.

When the night is so long and when the waves are flooding the shore. When there is no light to break up the dark, everybody needs inspiration. Everybody deserves to be forgiven and loved for not what they are but who they are.

This book is written in clear plain and simple English. This book is recommended for readers over 16 years of age.


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