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Summarization of True Love Vs. False Love

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The article defines about the wrong concepts of true love which a human can think and which leads him to the false love. According to Islam and spirituality all the true love belongs to Allah only and the path which make us his beloved one. Presently many people though that the attraction for the opposite gender is love or believe in “Love in first sight “thing. But this very attraction is false Love and lust, the true love only aroused from Nikkah which is the right way to be loved and to love the other person. Before Nikkah the people who form a couple and hangout or make themselves owe for love and think they are in true love with someone, they just do the wrong deeds which in Islam and in Quran called “ADULTERINE”. The definition of true love is “The love for the sake of happiness of Allah almighty by helping other, being generous, keeping themselves away from any filth, promote justice, trust in ALLAH, and endure hardships and obstacles in anyway.” The physical attraction , attachment and feel loveable feelings for any one is not love, all these desires are just a way to deceive our mind and soul by calling these things love. These feelings only cause depression and anxiety, when a person wants a strong desire or concern to make something happen or for something to happen and the beau prove him/herself unable to being such in a way, the only thing left over is emotional heartbreak and agitation. There is a flexibility of romance in Islam and Allah loved it but when this is only done by a married couple that is Halal. Many examples of romance and love are found from the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is the right of wives and husbands on each-other to please the partner. But it must be in righteous way and after the “Nikkah”. Otherwise all such materialistic love behavior move a person more far away from ALLAH.

Relationship with opposite gender:

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Yes it is completely true if we say that culture is an important element for external marketing environment but unfortunately our media and western brands are not accepting this fact because according to them men and women are parallel to each other. But those things are much important for us that our religion ISLAM and our HOLY PROPHET taught us. According to ISLAM we should always be sincere in our interactions with the opposite sex. All we need is to give respect to opposite sex. We should talk to them like if we are talking to our boss unlike that we are talking with are mate or friend. The interaction with opposite sex must be purposeful or professional. All these things protect your repute in society and you don’t need to think what do other people or media think about you. It is the matter between you and your GOD. All you need is to make sure that your circumstances are safe when you are going to interact with an opposite sex. That is what our religion ISLAM taught us about interaction with that of oppositr sex.

In Islam there are two categories made Mehram ( To whom a man or woman can’t marry e.g father, mother, Brother, Sister Children, etc) and Na-mehram (To whom a man or a woman can marry cousins, Friends, etc ). There are special terms on which a person have a relationship with the person with opposite Gender who is unacquainted. The proper rules and regulations are defined for both the men and women in Islam. There should not be unnecessary talking and jokes, unusual gestures, gaze and glare. There should be gap minimum of 1.5 ft. More importantly the covering of body is emphasized for both the genders. Men should cover the body from naval to knees and for women there are much more implications which she has to run that she has to cover her whole body even hand and feet with gloves and socks wear loose clothes and has to cover her head. No use of perfume and fragrance. The gaze should be lower. The coverings and implications for women are Nakab( In front of unacquainted when all body is covered except hands, feet, eyes) Hijab(while praying, in front of Na-mehram if they lived in same house) Dupatta( in front of spouse father, brother, ) zero covering(In front of husband and other emergency situations just as if a female doctor is not available then a women can reveal her body to a male doctor) .


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