Summary: a Major Role of Hamlet's Father and Uncle in His Demise

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 The character Hamlet from the novel Hamlet, was known to be mad and created his own demise, but was it all on him. There are a few characters that you can blame for his demise one being his father and the other being his uncle. Both of these characters had a major role in his demise.

Hamlet's Father was one of the people you can blame for his demise. The reasons his father are involved are because of his death and his father asked Hamlet to avenge him. For example when Hamlet said,'A little over a month, or ere those shoes were old with which she followed my poor father's body,like niobe,all tears- why she married with my uncle'.Since the passing of his father, Hamlet has been through alot he has seen the burial of his father and marrying his mother to his uncle . Hamlet got upset over this because his mother didn't take any time to mourn the death of Hamlet's father and he got very unsettled because of it. Another quote that shows that Hamlet's father was apart of his death is 'Still I am called unhand me gentlemen by heaven, ill make a ghost of him that lets me!'. Hamlet finds the ghost of his father and follows him . Hamlet eventually starts to get disterbed because it's the ghost of his father and he can't tell anyone. One more quote that would help me prove my point would be shen the ghost of Hamlet's father said,

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'I am thy father's spirit doomed for a certinterm to walk the night and for the day continued to fast in fires till the foul crimes done in my days of nature are burnt and purged away'.Hamlet finally finds where his father wanted him to go and his father tell him who the killer was. Hamlet then ends up going into a spiral of confusion not knowing what to do next.Hamlet's father wasn't the only one who you can blame for his passing, there is a lot of evidence that shows that Hamlet's uncle had a part in it too. One quote that proves that point would be,“He poisons him i’ th’ garden for his estate. His name was Gonzago. The story is extant and written in very choice Italian. You shall see anon how the murrder gets the love of Gonzago’s wife.”

Hamlet now knowing that his uncle killed his father, he made a play to prove his guilt. Hamlet would go to any length to avenge his father. Another quote that proves his uncle was apart of his death is ,“Then trip him that his heels may kick at heaven, and that his soul may be as dammed and black as hell.” Hamlet finally plans to avenge his father's death but wouldn't do it because his uncle was praying his sins. Hamlet can't make up his mind on when he will slain his uncle pushing the task of killing his father further away and putting him in a deeper hole. The last quote that I have that would help me prove my point is when Hamlet's mother said,“No, no the drink, the drink: O my dear hamlet! The drink the drink I am Poisoned”.Hamlet's uncle set hamlet up for death but being fast he kills his opponent then goes after the king and kills him. But after all of that the poison that was inside of him finally kills him ending him in his own demise. That is why i counted hamlet's uncle for his death.

Both Hamlet's father and uncle played huge roles in his demise. They both messed with him up to the point of death. But hamlet was also the type of person who can never agree on anything, also leading to his own demise because he could never go through with anything he did. You can also blame many more things that you can say led him to his demise but I believe that these are the strongest topics. 

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