Summary: a Tragic Tale of Romeo and Juliet

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Love is a universal and multifaceted topic that has long been covered in many literary sources. Love as a topic can be explored in a number of ways in the history of literature. Amongst these ways, some of the main ways through which love can be explored may include exploring love as first love, lost love, forbidden love and unrequited love. Based on these areas of exploration, love can occur between partners, between parents and children and between friends as the main areas. Over the past, there are many literary books and sources that explore love either in one or many of these ways.

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Undoubtedly, the story of Romeo and Juliet is one of the main stories that definitely come to mind when one thinks of love. In the novel, a tragic tale is told by Shakespeare on the forbidden love that occurs between Romeo and Juliet. Well, before majoring on the central topic of forbidden love with terrible consequences, let us briefly understand the history behind the story of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Well, Romeo and Juliet is a story that was written by William Shakespeare between 1594 and 1596 and was first published in 1599. The play entails two main characters in the name of Romeo and Juliet and a tragic tale of forbidden love with terrible consequences it told behind them. As told by the story, the two are lost within them and cannot do what they desire just because of who they are.

The story begins when a well-established grudge between two ground-breaking families erupts into bloodshed. A gathering of covered Montagues risks further clash by gatecrashing a Capulet party. A youthful lovesick Romeo Montague falls right away enamored with Juliet Capulet, who is expected to wed her dad’s decision, the County Paris. Shakespeare argues that with the assistance of Juliet’s medical caretaker, the ladies organize the couple to wed the following day, yet Romeo’s endeavor to stop a road battle prompts the passing of Juliet’s own cousin, Tybalt, for which Romeo is exiled. In an edgy endeavor to be brought together with Romeo, Juliet pursues the Friar’s plot and fakes her very own passing. The message neglects to achieve Romeo, and trusting Juliet dead, he takes his life in her tomb. Juliet wakes to discover Romeo’s cadaver close to her and kills herself. The lamenting family consent to end their fight.

The story in overall tells us the true consequences of a forbidden love and what loving someone in a way where it cannot be expressed and the feelings alone being so hard to describe. The story tells us what love is and the hidden qualities of love. With regards to characterizing love there is no obvious meaning of love. On the other hand, with regards to fate there is no obvious definition either; fate is out of our control, and is controlled by the too common. Furthermore this aligns to a study that was disclosed by the International Journal of Corpus Linguistics that reveals that misfortune, misfortune influences everybody, it influences individuals in various ways anyway it’s dependably there and some of the time comes when we wouldn’t dare hoping anymore .

The story likewise has a lot of morals that define the true qualities of love. In overall, the story tells that us that in love, we have to be prepared to let go. It tells that we have to be ready to let go the old family wounds while at the same time been keen enough not to let the emotions rule our lives. In spite of the fact that they don’t generally work in show, every one of these societal foundations somehow or another presents impediments for Romeo and Juliet. The hostility between their families, combined with the accentuation set on devotion and respect to kinfolk, consolidate to make a significant clash for Romeo and Juliet, who must dissident against their legacies.

Further, the male centric power structure inalienable in Renaissance families, wherein the dad controls the activity of all other relatives, especially ladies, places Juliet in an incredibly defenseless position. Her heart, in her family’s brain, isn’t hers to give. The law and the accentuation on social consideration requests terms of lead with which the visually impaired energy of love can’t go along. Religion comparably requests needs that Romeo and Juliet can’t submit to on account of the power of their love. In spite of the fact that much of the time the sweethearts maintain the conventions of Christianity their love is powerful to the point that they start to think about one another in disrespectful terms. For instance, Juliet calls Romeo ‘the lord of my worshipful admiration,’ hoisting Romeo to dimension of God. The couple’s last demonstration of suicide is in like manner un-Christian . The upkeep of manly respect powers Romeo to submit activities he would like to maintain a strategic distance from. However, the social accentuation put on manly respect is profound to the point that Romeo can’t just disregard them.

It is conceivable to see Romeo and Juliet as a fight between the obligations and activities requested by social foundations and those requested by the private wants of the person. Romeo and Juliet’s energy about night, with its haziness and protection, and their renunciation of their names, with its orderly loss of commitment, bode well with regards to people who wish to get away from the open world. Yet, the sweethearts can’t prevent the night from getting to be day. What’s more, Romeo can’t stop being a Montague basically in light of the fact that he needs to; whatever is left of the world won’t let him. The darlings’ suicides can be comprehended as a definitive night, a definitive protection.

Given that Romeo and Juliet speaks to one of the world’s most acclaimed and suffering romantic tales, it appears glaringly evident that the play should spotlight the topic of love. Notwithstanding, the play will in general spotlight more on the hindrances that block love than it does on love itself. Clearly the Capulet and Montague families speak to the darlings’ biggest impediment. In any case, the sweethearts are additionally their own obstructions, as in they have unique understandings of love. Romeo, for example, starts the play talking about love in worn banalities that influence his companions to wince. In spite of the fact that the language he utilizes with Juliet grandstands increasingly develop and unique refrain, he holds an on a very basic level theoretical origination of love. Juliet, conversely, will in general stay all the more solidly grounded in the reasonable issues identified with love, for example, marriage and sex. This complexity between the sweethearts shows up obviously in the well-known gallery scene. Though Romeo talks about Juliet idyllically, utilizing an all-inclusive representation that compares her to the sun, Juliet regrets the social requirements that keep their marriage.

Another obstruction in Romeo and Juliet is time—or, all the more exactly, timing. Everything identified with love in this play moves too rapidly. As shared by Cambridge University, the topic of quickened love initially seems right off the bat in the play, with respect to the topic of whether Juliet is mature enough for marriage. Though Lady Capulet fights that Juliet is of a ‘pretty age’ and consequently qualified for marriage, Lord Capulet keeps up that it’s too early for her to wed. At the point when Lord Capulet alters his opinion later in the play, he quickens the course of events for Juliet’s marriage to Paris. Compelled to act rapidly and accordingly, Juliet fakes her demise. Everything about Romeo and Juliet’s relationship is accelerated too. In addition to the fact that they fall in unexplainable love, however they likewise get hitched the following day. The sweethearts’ scurry may bring up issues about the authenticity of their fondness for each other. Do they genuinely cherish one another, or have they destined themselves out of negligible sexual want? The topic of quickened love returns at the play’s end, when Romeo touches base at Juliet’s tomb, trusting himself to be past the point of no return. Truth be told, he arrives sooner than required, just before Juliet awakens.

In overall, the topic of forbidden love as shared by Shakespeare holds and leaves a strong legacy about love. Cambridge University press reveals that a strong legacy that the topic leaves is about the moral lessons that we can learn about love. From the story, we can learn three lessons. The first lesson in Romeo and Juliet is that you ought not to make rash, speedy choices; careless choices typically just lead to inconvenience. A case of this is when Romeo wants to kill himself since he is ousted from Verona for killing Tybalt. Instead of finding a solution, Romeo only sees killing himself as the only solution to his problem.

The second legacy learned from the story is that we should think about conceivable repercussions and outcomes. All through the play Romeo and Juliet, numerous characters settle on choices that are clearly not thoroughly considered, for example, when the Friar gives Juliet the vial that contains the medication to place her in a passing like trance state. He doesn’t envision that Romeo won’t get the letter that says Juliet is in a state of unconsciousness and not dead. This miscommunication causes the passing of three individuals. Finally, the story teaches us that suicide should not be considered as the possible solution for managing the issues of youthful love. Romeo and Juliet’s affection is truly captivation. Genuine romance sets aside opportunity to manufacture. Romeo and Juliet just knew each other for five days, which isn’t sufficient time for anybody to begin to look all starry eyed at. It’s a decent plot for a play, however not for reality. After Romeo executes himself with toxin, Juliet kills herself with a knife: ‘This is thy sheath; there rust, and let me bite the dust.’ This isn’t the best solution to her issues.

Another legacy about the topic is how loved should be perceived. The topic reminds us love is something that can happen regardless of the conditions of the circumstance. Love is an exceptionally solid power that can unite two outsiders and make sheer satisfaction and bliss; nonetheless, in specific situations, love can be extremely perilous. Regardless of whether you are a poor kid pursuing a princess, or whether your families are despised foes of each other, it is feasible for adoration to flourish and bloom. It likewise could be the straightforward appreciation for what we can’t have. Despite the reason, love of these sorts has brought forth awesome and rousing stories. The fantasy love, albeit prohibited, or appropriate outlandish, with extraordinary penance is feasible. 

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