Summary: an Amusement Park Based on the Play Julius Caesar

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The Rides of March is an amusement park based on the play Julius Caesar, which was written by William Shakespeare. Located in Rome, Italy, The Rides of March is compacted with many things to do that revolve around Julius Caesar. The Shakespearean Twist is a rollercoaster that has 3 loops. The Shakespearean Twist is meant to “throw one for a loop”, or surprise one as William Shakespeare did in his writing. For example, when Portia dies by eating hot coals or when Caesar does not accept the crown.

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 The Globe Theater 3.0 is a recreation of the original Globe Theater but it always plays versions of the play, Julius Caesar.Another ride at The Rides of March is the Eye of March. The Eye of March is a Ferris wheel type ride that goes around 15 times per ride. The Eye of March and its 15 rotations represent the ides of March, or March fifteenth, which was the day the conspirators stabbed and murdered Julius Caesar. Also, there is a fortune-teller type booth called the Soothsayer’s Fortune. At the Soothsayer’s Fortune, one will be warned of his or her future by a trained soothsayer, or prophet. The Soothsayer’s Fortune is named after the soothsayer who warned Caesar to, “Beware the ides of March,” which meant something bad was going to happen on March fifteenth.  Next, The Rides of March has a thrilling drop tower type ride known as The Conspiracy. The Conspiracy lifts riders 200 feet above the park and drops back to the ground. As it rises, it represents how the conspirators believe they have become the leaders of Rome and done well for Rome. However, then the ride drops which represents how the conspirators flee Rome because they have lost all the power and support they believe they had gained. Also, there is a garden called Caesar’s Garden which is a maze and flower garden. Caesar’s Garden represents the gardens Caesar made public in his will, which Antony read at Caesar’s funeral.Another ride at The Rides of March is Antony’s Swings which is a swing ride that takes passengers soaring 30 feet in the air. Antony’s Swings represents how Mark Antony “swings”, or changes, the opinions of the common citizens at the funeral of Julius Caesar. At the Honorable Man Dining Hall, one can enjoy many Roman delights such as honorable man ice cream, Antony’s pizza, and Cassius’ pasta. The dining hall represents Antony at Caesar’s funeral when he said, ‘Brutus is an honorable man”, because Antony said it repeatedly, which in turn made it meaningless.

Finally, there is a ride at The Rides of March known as Brutus’ Bumper Cars, which is a spin on normal bumper cars but in the water. Brutus’ Bumper Cars represents how Brutus has an internal conflict because he can not listen to others' opinions and every decision he makes ends as a failure. For example, Brutus allows Antony to speak at Caesar’s funeral, which caused the commoners to turn on him, thus causing Cassius and him flee Rome. The Philippi Horse Stables allows visitors to ride and learn about horses. The Philippi Horse Stables represent the war at Philippi between Mark Antony and Octavius and Brutus and Cassius, which leads to victory for Antony and Octavius.         

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