Summary: Biography of the Greatest Drug Lords on Earth

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Born on 1 December 1949 in the City of Rionegro, Colombia, and Pablo Escobar, one of the greatest drug lords on earth. Pablo Escobar had started to dream big but small. Hermilda de Los Dolores Gaviria Barrio the mother of Pablo Escobar who was an elementary school teacher and his dad Abel de Jesus Escobar Echeverri who was a local farmer. It was predicted that pablo escobar to be a millionaire by 22, an ambition that had been burnt down from the beginning.

Maria Victoria Henao was married in 1976 by Escobar. The two had children: Juan Pablo, a boy, and Manuela, a daughter. The motivational speaker of today’s son Escobar, Sebastian Marroquin. Friends and families of Escobar hoped that one day Pablo would become the president of Colombia, even Escobar himself had a vision to become the president of Colombia but he didn’t have the means to know. Throughout his teenage years Escobar stole sepulchers, put their names throughout sand and sold them to greedy Panamanian people. In the 1970s, he would purchase coca paste in Bolivia and Peru, refine and sell in the USA.

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Escobar directed the assassination of Fabio Restrepo, the Medellin drug lord, and took over all of Fabio’s organization. Not long after getting only 80% of the cocaine being shipped to his control in the United States, he will purchase coca paste from places like Peru and Bolivia before exporting it to the United States. He married a 15-year-old woman from Palmira Valle del Cauca, Colombia, Maria Victoria, and a nineteen year later. He was born in 1961. There were two children together but Pablo still had other young girls but until his death he stayed faithful to Maria. A few years later he was elected to the Colombian congress in 1982, which was a big step towards becoming president with all that power.

After the Medellin Cartel was ranked as the leader, he suddenly became more known despite the public opposition of all politicians, judges and police. Whenever someone gets into it, he would use his own Plata o plomo strategy to blackmail him if that didn’t work and sometimes even murder the victim’s family.The assault on the Supreme Court on 19 April also accused him. Even on November 27, 1989 a bomb was planting by Escobar’s cartel to blast a president’s candidate, which then showed that the candidate did not even kill 203 harmless persons on Escobar.

Forbes called Escobar one of the world’s richest people 7 years in a row. Escobar owned approximately 40 percent of the profits of the Medellin drug cartel by 1987. In 1989 Forbes estimated his net worth at $3 billion, based on public reports. Escobar made seven years straight to the Forbes ‘ ranking of world billionaires, from 1987 to 1993. He was elected seventh-richest man in the world in 1989. By the mid-1980s the drug trade became dominated by the Medellín cartel, with Escobar exerting immense power and wealth. He was worth about $25 billion, according to some estimates, enjoying a lavish lifestyle that included a 7,000-acre (2,800-hectare) compound in Colombia, where he kept giraffes, hippopotamus, and camels, among other species. He also funded numerous projects to help the needy which won him comparisons with Robin Hood. That idea helped Escobar win elections in 1982 to an alternate position at the country’s Congress.

His early illegal activities involved audio gear theft and sepulchers robbing for resale, stealing cars and etc is how he began making money before becoming one of the biggest drug lord. Pablo Escobar had put his wealth in real estate, and paintings. Indeed by the time he died he had very little currency. Escobar had a significant amount of money in planes; the government seized many of these. Such planes were extorted from the Escobar family following his assassination by drug traffickers. He was a family man and also so rich that while in hiding he more than 1 million pounds to keep his daughter warm.




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