Summary: Difference Between Macbeth and Claudius

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Macbeth and Claudius are two different books written by the most well-known playwright, poet and actor 'William Shakespeare' . Shakespeare was born in England at 26 April 1564 and died at 23 April 1616. He was respected as the greatest play writer in English language also known as world best dramatist. He wrote many books such as henry VI, to the queen the rape of lucrece… And also he published some plays like Macbeth, hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, King Lear, Cymbeline. He was a famous poet whom he wrote 'The phonix and the turtle, Venus and Adonis, Sonnet 18.

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Macbeth and Claudius are two different characters in two different plays by Shakespeare. To start with comparison, Macbeth and Claudius are both kings and they each take power by using of violence. Macbeth kills his cousin Duncan the king and Claudius murders his brother by poisoning him. The other similarity is that both of these kings commit murders to cover their own crimes. Two of these characters create their problems by their selves when they kill their relatives because of their ambitions they are motivated by greed, ambitious for greatness and royalty. There are other similarities like these two kings are both hunted by ghosts of the people that they killed, and the both do not have kids although their wives do have. These two characters they publicly show their guilt during dinner. The wives of these kings both die before them. After the death of these two kings the circumstance of their place and people changed; it became better.

There are some Contrasts between Macbeth and Claudius, to start with Macbeth murders his cousin King Duncan, he killed him due to his vaulting ambition but he was more worried about people thoughts than Claudius. Also Macbeth was not ready or unwilling to commit any murder because he was very kind but after following his wife's orders and being persuaded by her plans and tricks he committed several murders. Macbeths was rash, very easily persuaded unsure and also nervous about the crime he want to commit on the other side Claudius is self-confidant and independent. Claudius murders his brother Hamlet; he killed him because he wanted the throne and the queen Gertrude. He killed his brother very independently and willingly, and Also he have different personality he was a death machine, cunning, selfish and intelligent, he does his plans by his own and do everything very well. He does not feel guilty of what he did at all neither he don’t care about people's feelings. The idea of committing a murder was his own idea but Macbeth gets the idea of killing the king from his wife.

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