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Romeo and Juliet was written by William Shakespeare in the year of 1594. The play originally took place in Verona, Italy. Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous of Shakespeare’s works. Although, there are no facts of if Romeo and Juliet was written as a true story, there are rumors of being two feuding Italian families in the early 13th century. Although the play was published in the 1500s, the first published play took place 1662, and was directed by William Davenant.

The play today still remains popular, publishers have turned the seventeenth century have the play in a work of literature rather than a play. Thomas Otway created his own twist to the play. The play presents two conflicting senators who fight for control of political purposes. However, Shakespeares original work, even though, many different versions had been created.In the 19th century, Romeo and Juliet with little dramatic scenes. This soon became one of Shakespeare top rated works and became important to the English stay. The play reached max audiences. Close to 20 film productions have been created for the play. For close too 5 decades, many producers and directors have tried to recreate the play into a more modern play. Only two of these have become known plays, which is the West Size Story by Leonard Bernstein, and Romeo and Juliet by Luthmann.

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In the movie and play, religion seems to play key roles. Many scenes in the movie as a matter of fact take place in a religious setting such as in the church that Romeo and Juliet got married in, and the nuns that were shown in the beginning of the movie. Lord Capulet resembles that took place during the Renaissance times. He is controlling over his daughter and wife. He wants his daughter to get married off at early much like his wife married him at such a young age.Family feuds during this time period were not uncommon and occurred often. Romeo and Juliet was made to feel that their relationship was forbidden due to the family feud that was going on. As the play progressed, this made the play interesting from this. Juliet’s family, however, seems to be more accepting than what Romeos family is to Juliet. Some of the problems that were shown in the play such as young love, distant families and other issues are still present in modern day.

The only thing that has not been switched up since it was originally written is the language used. Although it has not been changed, it has been put into simpler words to attract more modern and younger crowds, who may not understand the play in its whole. The language still is used in a time period in which the play was written. It makes the play more understanding and relatable to a much younger crowd.

Romeo seems to be a very relatable character to younger generations. Romeo is a stereotypical teenager. He is disrespectful and disobedient to his parents, does drugs, makes rash decisions, and everything else that stereotypical teenagers go through. He also faces many obstacles that younger crowds tend to face. Such as overpowering emotions. Many decisions that he makes, he doesn’t think twice about, such as when he kills a man to get back at them, or asking for Juliet’s hand in marriage.Juliet and Romeo share a lot of differences. Juliet is the innocent and quiet type of person. A lot of personality was taught by her parents. Her parents were strict and controlling, which caused her to be better behaved. She doesn’t usually to dress up or wear makeup which shows her youth and virginity.

Romeo and Juliet met at a aquarium. They follow each through the glass, in a very romantic way. When they finally met up to each other the light were glimmering and atmospheric way, which is totally different then what the rest of the film shows. Which make the scene very special and interesting. It shows the undying and innocent love that they share for each other. During this part of the film, Romeo is wearing a knight and shining armor outfit while Juliet is wearing a angel costume. These clothing choices represents what they see in each other and how they feel about each other.Another theme of the film is community. A community can be defined as a group of people who leave in a certain area. There is a diverse group of people from different social and economic and social backgrounds. There is a broad range of races, ages and financial status’s shown in the play.

Although the play of Romeo And Juliet is about a hopeless romantic couple, the film unfortunately ends as a tragic. The film shows how Romeo and Juliet met and fell in love. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes when Mercutio is killed, which then leads to Tybalt killing himself and Romeo and Juliet then eventually taking their own lives. All the elements that were meant for the tragedy to happen went into play.The internal conflicts that were evident in the play is the couple having to make the decision of being together and the consequences that were going to occur once their family and friends found out they were together. Although the play isn’t poetic, it is very relatable and there are many themes that are shown.

Baz Luthermann uses many different camera techniques to give meaning to and show the emotions in the film. He uses them to build interest and keep the audiences attention. He wants to build the suspense that draws his audience in. He uses high and quickly moving camera techniques that creates a blurry vision, which shows the confusion that both the actors and audience is facing. He uses low camera techniques to underline meaning behind phrases. Lighting is used to show the emotions of the play. As example the lighting when Romeo and Juliet first met represents love.The set and props that were created to give the outlook of the play taking place in Verona, Italy. It shows balconies, homes, and gardens as props for the audience so that they can get the feel. The clean sets give meaning to the storyline, and the sets were created to be simple and not complex. Lighting is very bright and gives a sense of joy to the audience and the production. The costumes give a very vintage and gives vibe to the characters.

The music was based upon what was popular at the time. For example, Radiohead, and Des’ree, were used frequently through the play. He used very hardcore but sweet songs which sets the mood and runs smoothly throughout his film.


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