Summary: How Far Does Shakespeare Present Lady Macbeth as a Dominating Character Responsible for Her Husband’s Downfall

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Lady Macbeth is the wife of Macbeth, The protagonist of the play, throughout the play she encourages macbeth to kill duncan, the king. Macbeth was written for King James I of England in the 16th century. King James was a massive believer in witches (as were most people) and was intrigued by stories about them.Macbeth is a play about a soldier who meets witches who tell him prophecies. He then believes them and tries to make them true with murder. He is killed after a trick by the witches making him think he is invincible. Throughout the play, when macbeth has doubts about crimes, Lady Macbeth manipulates him into doing it. In this essay I am going to show howShakespeare uses a variety of dramatic methods to present Lady Macbeth as an evil woman who forces her husband to commit murder. I will also examine her responsibility for Macbeth’s downfall.

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Most people reading a letter of which their husband has seen a worshippers of the devil who told them to kill the King would immediately contact someone for help or tell him to stop, however LM does the opposite and decides to murder him and go along with it. She seems to be a devil supporter herself “too full of the milk of human kindness take my milk for gall, you murdering ministers” “Come, you spirits…unsex me here” suggests that she believes that her femininity is a weakness and will hinder her actions, She doesn’t want to produce milk, which is only produced by women, and for the most part she is correct, at the time women were treated as second class citizens and the man was always in charge. She also talks as if she is controlling the spirits, something only a witch could do, perhaps she sees herself as a witch.These Quotes also display the ideology of LM, her being hungry for power and willing to do anything to get it, even to mutate her physical body purely for selfish gain.

She seems to have a desire to have traits similar to a sociopath/sadist by saying “Stop up th’access and passage to remorse.” A sociopath has no emotions and manipulates people for personal gain, this brings up the question of whether or not she is a sociopath. She doesn’t want to be remorseful for any actions. When she says: ”‘look like the innocent flower/But be the serpent under’t” is her saying she will be manipulating, another trait of a sociopath, she seems to have almost no emotions, she only wants power.

Lady macbeth is often the persuading force when macbeth is doubtful of Murdering Duncan. When he is anxious she says things such as “Was the hope drunk…? hath it slept since?… Art thou afeard?… Wouldst thou…” These rhetorical questions question him as a man. Which was a great offence towards most people,especially men at the time. She manipulates him such as when she says: “the babe that milks me. I would, while it was smiling in my face… And dashed the brains out, had I so sworn as you have done to this.” She says she would kill her own child. Just to get Macbeth to kill Duncan. This is the most horrific thing for a mother, which she said she was at one point, to say or even think this. Using the word “dashed” is a very violent word. This suggests she is a suitable partner for someone as violent as Macbeth which was described in the first scenes when he was awarded for being a great warrior in the war.

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