Summary: How Shakespeare Doesn’t Allow the Supernatural Elements to Take Control Over His Play

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Shakespeare doesn’t allow the supernatural sources to take control over his play or in dramatic action. In most of Shakespeare’s character they suffer for their own deeds. But Shakespeare use this supernatural elements in a very efficient or significant way in his plays, like the appearance of the three witches in Macbeth and of course the ghost in the Hamlet. These supernatural elements add an extra dimension of mystery and fear in the play. In Hamlet, the Ghost is partially viewed as an illusion or foreshadowing danger to Denmark, the spirit who is returning from his grave who called himself a King Hamlet because of a task that left undone and spirit suffer from purgatory, sent with divine permission. The Ghost plays important role in the play because real action starts with the revelation of secret from Ghost to Hamlet.

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In this play, the king Hamlet of Denmark was killed by his brother Claudius. Then Claudius become the king and married Gertrude who was the wife of later King and mother of Prince Hamlet. Hamlet is grieving the loss of his father and his mother remarried to Claudius immediately. The Ghost who called himself as King Hamlet wants the revenge against Claudius and seeks opportunities to execute his scene first, there are two following nights where the ghost appeared in armor at battlement of castle, the guards told this to Horatio. Horatio agreed to come at night with the guards. When he saw the Ghost, he ordered to speak but not get any reply and it reappears again and it seems to speak but when the rooster start crows, the signal of day breaking, the Ghost disappeared. Horatio told his to his friend Hamlet and Hamlet agrees to watch the Ghost himself. The Ghost appears once again but this time in the presence of hamlet, he told about how the King Hamlet is murdered by Claudius. 

The Ghost accused Claudius for seducing Gertrude and asked for Hamlet to avenge his death for Claudius and also do not harm Gertrude. Hamlet accepted what ghost said to him but he later expressed a doubt about the ghost’s identity, and guessing that it could be devil in the form of his father’s to tempt him to sin. Then he assured that Claudius is guilty. The ghost appears in the scene with Hamlet’s mother where Hamlet delaying in taking his revenge or remind him of his duty. 

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