Summary: Life of Friedrich Nietzsche

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Friedrich Nietzsche was born near Rocken atiny low town within the Prussian province of Saxony, on October 15, 1844. Ironically the philosopher who rejected religion and coined the phrase ‘god is dead’ was descended from a line of respected clergymen.

At Pforta’s exacting private school Nietzsche completed his teaching. A superb student, he received a comprehensive training in Latin, Greek and German. The young man entered the University of Bonn in 1864 to study classical philology and theology. However, a year later he left theology and moved to Leipzig University to pursue a doctorate in philology.Nietzsche was an essayist, a German philosopher, and a literary critic. His writings on reality, morality, language, aesthetics, cultural theory, history, nihilism, force, consciousness, and even the nature of life have influenced Western philosophy and intellectual history unlimitedly.

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Nietzsche called that his best concept. It’s a thinking experiment that asks you to question your life and approach to life aggressively. The basic concept is as follows: how would you respond if you were to calculate the life you’ve lived and be able to lead exactly the same time over and over-eternally. It has the potential to be the best weight if you don’t really do sex / life while it can be the greatest thing you’ve ever learned on the opposite side and Nietzsche Uebermensch will certainly say ‘yes’ to the topic. Additionally, the eternal return of the identical is a type of metaphysical hammer to test if ideas are affirming after all of life. And you wouldn’t want to spend all eternity leading you through life while basing your life on a desire to calculate or fly to heavens in the middle ages.

“The highest values devalueing themselves”. Nietzsche defines nihilism as a ‘spectre haunting Europe’ He identifies nihilistic impulses precisely where the writers today would have found the bulwark against nihilism, primarily in philosophy and religion, in his day. Specifically christianity and Judeo Christintity are nihilistic in that they contradict the universe. In regard to perpetual recurrence this could be appreciated. If a private individual were to measure forever and if that person were a Christian, he would spend his life seeking heavens, which means nothing. Existence might be a heaving thing is otherworldly, so heating is nothing, and the ‘willingness to zilch spoken sacredly’ Modern Politics will be a true example of nihilism in practice. So Obama’s plan for a magical ‘transform’ is highly nihilistic, as it will be known for sure.

Nietzsche believed that the ideal person must work out his / her own identity through self-realization, and do so without wishing for something the transcends the life — like God or a spirit. This way of life would be maintained even if one were, most problematically, to follow a revolutionary view of heaven, one that implied the ‘eternal recurrence’ of all events. Nietzsche proposed a cosmological philosophy of ‘will to influence’ in accordance with some theorists, but others view him as not particularly concerned with understanding a general cosmology. Questions about the coherence of Nietzsche’s views – questions such as if all of such views could be taken together without inconsistency, if readers can dismiss some specific views if they are found to be incoherent or inconsistent with others, and also the like – continue to attract the attention of up-to-date theoretical historians and philosophers. 

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