Article Analysis on Why Overworking Should Stop Being Praised

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I summarised my explanation to this as, some people call it ‘Overwork, it’s were bosses intentionally give out so much work to employees that it’s impossible to do inside your rostered hours, you’re then expected under threat of warning or dismissal to give up your breaks and work over time for free, which leads to complicate our personal life. Younger people are the primary target because their complaints can be dismissed via stock excuses such as “he is lazy and needs to learn” or “in my days we worked for 160-hour work week and never complained” Workers have no choice because they have no power. The problem here relates to hours in which a business operates.

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Long hours and poor pay are wreaking havoc on our lives. Rather than fixating on growth, if we restructured the working week it would allow people to flourish.

Article ‘The fetishisation of work is making us miserable. Let’s learn to live again’ by Anna Coote is focused on the employees who claim pressured by their bosses to set their job as first priority also before family which is effecting their personal life.

Job stress is the major source of stress for workers, people suffer to control their time. ‘Strivers’ and ‘Hard-Working People’ are idolised by the political leaders and not the ‘family time spending and caring dads’.

Nowadays, employees have their lunch breaks at their desk while their nose still glued to the work and not in the eateries with their workmates as it used to happen in the earlier days. The system is greedy for more resources, only the growing economies are claimed to be successful by the main UK political parties. Less carrier options, offensively payments, without security has been called as the Precariat. ‘Uber’ ferries people while ‘Deliveroo’ delivers food, etc. People often work for more than one jobs to meet the ends need.

To manage this, we should firstly, organise the workplace and build up bargaining rights. Secondly, both men and women should take care of the work equally at home too. And third, there should be a gradual shift for both men and women and also an equal pay.

Stress can be relieved by decreasing the working hours of weeks and days according to the employees age. ‘30-hour week’ could become the new standard time for everyone and each year a smaller pay rise could also be a better choice. Then, there would be a lot less stress, anxiety and could manage the time and look after one another in our personal lives.

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