Summary of What I Learnt During the Previous Semester of Chinese Language

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During the previous semester, I learnt a considerable number of new things in my major. Chinese Language is a very intricate program, I had to undertake a lot of courses alongside understanding the grammar and its usage within a cooperate setting. My academic semester began with courses that introduced us to Chinese history in general where we had to a lot of Chinese history while writing our essay.

In the previous semester my courses included Intensive Audiovisual and Reading Course of Intermediate Chinese, Advanced Comprehensive Course, China’s Cultural Heritage Course, Reading Newspaper, Learning Chinese an intermediate course of Chinese periodicals, Experiencing Chinese and Explanations of Difficult points in Chinese Learning as a foreign language.

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To begin with, in the Intensive Audiovisual and Reading Course, I learnt about the documentary academic program which comprise of 16 lessons in the textbook that we used. In this course I learnt about the stories of more than 20 Chinese people from all walks of life, ranging from taxi driver, retiree and fitness coach to fashion designer, collector and archaeologist, etc. The accompanying DVD videos in this course present the authentic life, work and spirit of modern Chinese people in an audio-visual and lively way. Through an innovative combination of audiovisual and reading materials, the series turns “reading” texts into “watching” texts and integrates Chinese language learning into the learning of China’s conditions and culture, therefore largely enhance the instructive effect and deepen my understanding of China especially the national conditions and the Chinese culture. The intensive course also had a special purpose of helping me on a One-on-One class correspond to the teacher’s requests, hence this course helped me strive to enhance my Chinese level efficiently and to the maximum.

Moreover, in my Advanced Comprehensive Course I learnt the cultivation of integrated language skills with the training of language skills my teacher gave me. The overall purpose as to why I learnt this course during the previous semester is to develop and improve my Chinese language skills, Chinese communication skills, integrated Chinese capabilities as well as enhance my interest and ability in learning Chinese. The topics in this course had a general narrative, expositive and argumentative expression and diversity of language styles. I also learnt the cultural insights and connotations that needed to be paid attention to, and the study of written language that had to be emphasized.

In addition, the course had various concepts of facilitating and serving education so that my listening, speaking, reading and writing skills at the advanced level can be improved simultaneously.

Apart from this, in my China’s Cultural Heritage Course I learnt about the first-hand knowledge and experience of heritage management and practices in China. The main focus of the course is the development of empirical research skills associated with community-based heritage studies. In this course I learnt about the Confucian culture which is the cornerstone of traditional Chinese culture. I also learnt about the essentials of Chinese paintings which is one of the oldest continuous artistic traditions in the our course learning we discussed the three important features that make Chinese art of painting unique and different from the Western painting and also why Chinese people when drawing might prefer having more than one artistic perspective, as well as other aspects of Chinese art. More so, I also learnt about the essentials of Chinese Music. I learnt about the three topics of Chinese music culture which are the origin and essence of the Chinese musical style, Confucian effect on the understanding of traditional Chinese music and Contemporary Chinese music development under the influence of western music. After completing this unit, I could feel and realize the uniqueness of Chinese traditional music, and have an overall understanding of the development of Chinese music culture. I also learnt about the essentials of Chinese costumes, with a large variety of clothes and accessories, from the dragon robe of emperor to the humble clothes of common people, Chinese traditional costumes show the beauty of the material world. It’s also related to the social classes, feudal ethics and traditional philosophies. I also learnt about three major questions, trying to show specific details of the splendid costumes as well as explaining the cultural implication, such as the ranks of imperial court, the customs of weddings and funerals, the gender issue in Tang this course I also learnt about the traditional Chinese medicines. The traditional Chinese medicine encompasses different methods designed to achieve and maintain health such as Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Chinese herbs and cupping.

In the reading newspaper, learning Chinese an intermediate course of Chinese periodicals, I learnt to grasp skills of Chinese reading by professional teaching technique and improve my Chinese reading level. My teacher trained me to comprehend the main meaning of articles, and the ability to grasp main points of articles, then conclude the main points and order of articles by referencing title, key words, main sentences, etc. In doing so I managed to acquire the ability to use Chinese dictionaries and grammars for reading, and enhance reading speed gradually.

Besides this, in my Experiencing Chinese Course, I managed to acquire the ability to use standard Chinese words, sentence structures, punctuation marks and some rhetorical devices to write Chinese paragraphs and articles. My teacher helped me to master the ability to use different forms of writing, and improve my writing expression gradually.

In conclusion, in my Explanations of Difficult Points in Chinese Learning as a Foreign Language Course, I learnt to master the basic structure of Chinese in order to improve my Chinese proficiency. My course was supplemented by intermediate grammar test and referential answers. Moreover, the course singles out grammatical levels according to the degree of difficulty and tailors the items into every Chinese language student level. Through this I learnt to master the syntactic characteristics of Chinese sentence and improve my ability of correctly making sentence.

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