Summary: Romeo and Juliet as the Most Popular and Frequently Preformed Plays

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Performing arts is creative way that dancers or play artist can perform their work in front of an audience. Types of performing arts consist of drama, dance, music, opera, theatre/ musical theatre. There are many different forms of this kind of art simply because it is such a wide range of it. A person can take performing arts to higher levels for instance think about broadways in New York city where people all over the world come to see those plays; then you have smaller plays such as in a school show. To perform in any types of performing arts you must attain a certain skill requiring an artist to move on stage in front of maybe thousands of people displaying their blood, sweat and tears. Plays that were set in the renaissance contained so much drama and exaggeration; every word was so carefully thought out. William Shakespeare was a brilliant playwright who wrote some of the most powerful tragedies with his captivating plays, Shakespeare is very well-known till this day. Considered by many to have been one of the greatest writers in the English language he wrote 154 sonnets, 34 plays, and several poems many of still recited today. Shakespeare had a certain keenness of mind he was clever with his words that when applied to his plays they were thought to be imaginatively stimulating.

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Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare remains to be one his most popular and frequently preformed plays. Shakespeare wrote this play in his early career the story sets in the city of Verona and is based on an original Italian tale about a long feud between two families the Montague and Capulet’s. “The romance between Romeo and Juliet has become the foundation for many derivative romantic works and established the title characters as the best known of any young lovers in literature.” (William Shakespeare) To shortly sum up the play, Juliet being a part of the Capulet family and Romeo the Montague their love could never be. These two families were sworn enemies known all over the city of Verona. As Juliet has an arranged marriage with a boy named Paris and Romeo has eyes for a girl named Rosaline it seems they would never connect. One night they meet and instantly fall in love they get secretly married the next day with the help of Juliet’s nurse. Juliet’s cousin Tybalt challenges Romeo to a fight once he discovers the secret marriage. Someone intervenes in the fight and gets themselves killed. Romeo then gets banished from the city of Verona because of a fight that broke out and Juliet is forced to marry Paris the very next day. Juliet refuses so she has someone create a poison to put her in drugged coma. When Romeo eventually comes back to Verona to find out that Juliet has died he kills himself. When Juliet awakes from her drugged coma she finds out what has happened and stabs herself. Once the two families have mourned the death of their children they come to make peace with one another and then promising to erect a monument in Romeo and Juliet’s loving memory. The overall meaning of this play is to teach prejudices that the hate between these two families cause deaths of their own. It is actually believed that the names Romeo and Juliette came from the original story “The Tragicall History of Romeus and Juliet” written by English poet Arthur Brooke. Two similar stories that take place in Italy. The story told my Shakespeare is based on the lovers, meeting and dying in the span of one week whereas Brookes story happens over a few months. The nurse that contributes to planning their secret wedding is banished from the city.

The renaissance began in Italy in the 14th century and spread vastly across Europe. William Shakespeare greatly influenced the early 17th century by standardizing the English language and expanding its vocabulary. Even though the English language was used in this period of time its complexity was not expressed to its fullest capability. Shakespeare created new words, dialogue, he delivered used references from Roman to Greek mythology.

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