Summary: the Devastation of Hamlet Through the Play

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Hamlets deadly destruction was brought forth by no other than himself. Hamlet, unlike his father is a man of thought rather than a man of action. His plan of keeping his father's murderer a secret leads him to be seen as a mad man and that also leads him to his sell created downfall.

Hamlets incapability of being a man of action is what leads him to his self-created demise. For example, when Hamlet says “My thoughts be bloody or be nothing worth!” Even when he is raged with taking action he still uses the word thought stepping away from action. Although he might want to take action he himself is not so sure that he is capable of doing so. In addition, during one of Hamlet's monologs Hamlet says “Thus conscience does make cowards of us all) . Hamlet has said that our conscience is what has been preventing us from doing what we want to do meaning his thoughts have prevented him from being a man of action. Hamlet also has a fear of the unknown which is why he has not attempted to avenge his father's death. Furthermore, Hamlet says “Now might I do it (pat,) now he is a-praying, And now i’ll do’t.”(III. iii.) Once again Hamlet loses his chance of killing Claudius because he decides to think first rather than act. Although Claudius looked as if he was praying his words had no meaning, this being a perfect time for Hamlet to take action and kill him. Overall Hamlet does not represent a man of action that flaw leads him to his self-created demise.

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Hamlet's plan of keeping his father's murderer a secret leads to his own breakdown. For example, Polonius says “Mad for thy love?” Shortly after he has discovered his fathers murder he is made out to look like a crazy man because of how he is behaving. In keeping this a secret from Ophilia it leads to Polonius speaking to the king and queen convincing them that he knows the real reason why Hamlet has been so upset leading them to have Rosencratz and Guildenstern to spy on him. In addition, when Hamlet says “Nay, but to live in the rank sweat of an enseamed bed, stewed in corruption, honeying and making love over the nasty sty!”Hamlet’s choice of not telling his mother that Claudius is to blame for his father's death is making him act cruel towards her. Hamlet has kept this to himself for too long and it has started driving him crazy. Furthermore, Hamlet says “why look you now how unworthy…… cannot play upon me”.Hamlet did not speak to Rosencratz and Guildenstern about Clauadius killing his father they have betrayed him by leading him to his death. Hamlet escaped the tragedy of being sent to England for his death but does not know that his own death along with many others awaits for him. All inclusive if Hamlet had spoken about his knowledge about his father's murderer he would not have had the catastrophe he had.

The devastation of Hamlet along with many of the characters was caused by Hamlet himself. Had Hamlet been able to act more than think he would have avenged his father's death sooner and would have avoided the awful demolition. If Hamlet had spoken to someone about his father’s murder he would have prevented the unfortunate death of himself and most of the characters.  

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