Summary: the Idea of Appearances Vs Reality in the Play

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Macbeth a tragedy by Shakespeare 1606 embellishes the damaging; phycological, physical and political ambition for those who seek supremacy. Macbeth is a deceitfulness individual, heroic combatant consumed by ambitions comprising a prophecy obtained from a trio of sinister witches asserting he shall become king of Scotland. The novel elucidates Macbeths insecurity, after the murder of Duncan, he became desensitized and eligible to kill. Shakespeare applies a diverse range of proficiencies developing numerous aspects of appearances vs reality in his eminent play to develop his main ideas.

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The author explores the idea of appearances vs reality and displays an interesting use of motifs, Shakespeare studies how appearances can be deceptive and that the reality behind them is often unpleasant. Some main points are; sleep and dreams and fake hospitality and appearances of individuals. Macbeth is an individual honourable; at heart a man who will do anything in desire of being named Thane of Cawdor. “Fair is foul, and foul is fair”. Shakespeare utilises this phrase to contrast between which appears fair/ethical is rather “foul”, immoral, the witches allude the audience and signify how things are not as they appear to be. As agents and witnesses the witches introduce; immorality, darkness, chaos and conflict and set illusion and misperception in the play. Macbeth is deceived by the misleading prophecy of the witches; foreshadowing is conveyed to greater symbolise Macbeth’s guilty conscience when he figures his prophecies are corrupting. The author uses imagery to generate an atmosphere of paranoia, Duncan’s blood is emblematic to Macbeths guilt; to advance this effect Shakespeare uses a metaphor to compare his remorse from his murderous act. “Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood Clean from my hand? No, this is my hand will rather the multitudinous seas in incarnadine Making the green one red.”The witches successfully guide Macbeth to a path in which he is destroyed by his authority in the witches’ predictions, trying to fight his guilt of killing Duncan. Shakespeare utilises a diverse choice of themes and motifs to explore how appearances can be deceptive in the play Macbeth, that the reality behind them is often unpleasant.

Shakespeare uses imagery and illusions to develop vivid pictures in the minds of the audience regarding the idea of sleep, dreams evil and conscience. Dreams allow individuals to experience emotions they may desire, supress or fear. Sleep is symbolic to the evocative guilt and conscience Macbeth and Lady Macbeth possess after they kill Duncan. “Duncan is in his grave/after life’s fitful fever he sleeps well”. This phrase illuminates Lady Macbeths immoral thoughts are revealed when she deceives Macbeth into believing that what they had done is done. Macbeths absence of sleep depicts the guilt, experienced, his morals are contradicted by the prophecies, he becomes dishonoured by the authority of faculty. Consequently, Lady Macbeth is degraded by the guilt and insanity. Her hallucinations suggest the abnormality in her corrupted sense of goodwill, this leads to her suicide. The image of blood is used to contrast amongst honour and guilt. “What a bloody man is that?’ this is questioned by king Duncan regarding a sergeant. The sergeant continues to tell the story of Macbeth’s victories, his loss of blood is symbolic to his heroic character. Shakespeare uses imagery and illusions to develop vivid pictures in the idea of the audience regarding; sleep, dreams evil and conscience.

The impression of seeing things such as the dagger and Ghost of Banquo is developed through the utilization of imagery. “Is this a dagger which I see before me’Macbeth envisions a dagger which seems to be guiding him to Duncan’s room, he feels as he is being steered by a larger power. Upon proceeding towards Duncan’s door thick drops of blood emerge. 

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