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 The infamous black & white film by Roberto Rossellini’s in 1945, Rome Open City is a very misinterpreted film in history. Although Rome Open City is fairly quite good. Unlike ‘pure’ Neo-Realism, it has many sets, two of Italy’s most well known actors from the 40s. With a hand full of ‘subjective’ seen shots. In comparison to one of the most famous films in italy Vittorio De Sica’s in 1948 called The Bicycle Thief of Italian Neo-Realism.

This film is separated into two parts. In The first part several characters lives are traced. Giorgio Manfredi seen as the communist was wanted by the Roman SS. Manfredi who was working with Left Wing sympathizer Francesco. Who was pregnant Pina fiancé. She also had a little boy named Marcello. who is involved with a group of young boys who hate the Nazis. The part one of this film concluded with Francesco being rounded up a Nazi vehicle was bombed by some kids. Then Pina gunned down in the street as she runs out after him. And ended up dying in Don Pietro arms. While Resistance fighters surrounded the Nazi vehicle carrying the men Francesco was released.

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Manfredi and Francesco opens up part two of the film planning their potential moves, and staying with Marina. After Lauretta came over Marina betrayed them. While unaware her sister’s dead, and Manfredi would be soon after. Nazis ended up catching Don Pietro. Francesco had stopped to say goodbye to Marcello which saved him from being captured also. Don Pietro and Marina, witness Manfredi being tortured. The next day the priest was shot. His death was witnessed by Marcello and his friends, who grimly walk into the city.Overall Rome Open City was a well put together film. I believe this film is a historically than an artistic type of film. Alot of times the action turns into melodrama for the characters whether they Germans or Italians, the bad or good guys would result into stereotypes.There can be some criticism of the film’s dishonest depiction of the resistance of the Italians, and deficiency of internal damage versus the other European nations.

However, the film did sweep the Cannes Film Festival. Also, adding to the accusations of realism, and quenches the dramatic arc of the moment of the short scene where a Italian tot’s naked lower half showing genitalia is shown. That seemed to highlight how pointless majority censored scenes in films are. Rome Open City does inspire in some way and entertain, almost two thirds of a century from its release.  

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