Summary: the Infamous Story of Romeo and Juliet

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In one of Shakespeare’s most glorified plays, Romeo and Juliet, the main male protagonist,Romeo Montague, made very poor decisions resulting in his death, but this could possibly be his parents’ fault. The style of how a parent raises a child tends to influence their actions, thoughts, their overall way of living, and most importantly their future. Romeo’s parents were uninvolved in his life resulting in lack of good guidance, this caused a very tragic ending to the story’s hero. Romeo’s countless reckless actions were most likely due to the insane amount of neglect and harshness he received from his parents resulting in a weaker mentality. Romeo’s rather foolish actions and his death were due to his parents’ parenting styles because a parent lays the foundation for a child’s lifestyle and future.

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Romeo’s dad was an uninvolved parent in the story because Lord Montague had a very weak and distant relationship with Romeo. In Act 1 Scene 1, Lord Montague exclaimed to Benvolio that Romeo never speaks to him and so he uses Benvolio to discover the cause of Romeo’s depression . Throughout the rest of the story there is very little interaction between Romeo and his father. Lord Montague is never aware of the trouble Romeo gets himself into. He tends to believe Romeo will learn from his mistakes and requires very little guidance, resulting in neglect. Neglecting leads to a dark and corrupt path causing horrific outcomes. Neglect is just as harsh as abuse; both have the same consequences. Neglect has similar outcomes as abuse: depression, hopelessness, and possible suicide attempts. In Act 1, Romeo was depressed hopeless and believed life was not worth living because he could not marry the woman he loved. His gloomy emotions could be a result of his father’s neglect toward him.

Similar to Lord Montague, Lady Montague is an uninvolved parent causing Romeo to receive more neglect. Throughout the entire story there is no interaction between Romeo and his mother. Lady Capulet tended to not care about Romeo because she showed little signs of involvement and was always occupied with something else. Romeo did not receive good guidance from his mother evidenced by killing his cousin-in-law hours after he married Juliet. He was not taught to think before he acts. He was banished from Verona due to that incident, and his mother did not seem to care. Romeo’s mother is an uninvolved parent which laid the foundations for Romeo to muddle situations more easily.

Although someone might say it was his friends who influenced him to make foolish decisions, his misjudgment was still more likely his parents’ fault. His friends did play a role in his choices, but Romeo’s parents had some of his friends to keep an eye on him. The parents were very indifferent with Romeo so they made others watch him and believed they could lookout for and parent Romeo. Another good claim is that his actions were due to an underdeveloped teenage brain. Teenage brains do not function as maturely as an adult brain, but it does not take a genius to process simple circumstances such as fighting an enemy in public and marrying someone hours after they have met them. Those life lessons should come from parents, not friends who can steer someone down a wrong path.

The outcome of Romeo is his parents’ fault because they were not there to mentor him which laid the foundation for a corrupt future. His parents’ disengagement caused him to make bad decisions and die. The infamous story Romeo and Juliet magnifies what neglecting and detached parents can due to someone.        

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