Summary: the Meaning of Toxic Masculanity

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The harmful term otherwise known as toxic masculinity refers to the norms that govern not only men but women and all of society as well; when discussing toxic masculinity, the intention is not to offend men, rather it’s bringing attention to the terrible elements of a socially built masculinity and the damaging impacts which they may also cause. 

The center of attention for toxic masculinity is mainly how guys are socialized regarding traditional male gender roles, the restriction of their emotions, social expectations to be dominant and other such implications that have “toxic” outcomes which include, but are not limited to, sexual assault, domestic violence, and substance abuse. We have pointed A possible link between toxic masculinity and rape which formats something known as a “rape culture”. Rape Culture is created once society helps and normalizes sexual violence, where women are the primary target for physical and emotional terrorism and it’s considered as something normal, expected and in fact inevitable. Today, we can see the implications of toxic masculinity nearly everywhere in a country like the United States of America. For example, university campuses that are elite Ivy League universities such as Yale, incidents that normalize sexual violence against ladies aren’t uncommon. members of a Yale fraternity chanted outside a women’s freshman dorm “No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal!” and “My name is Jack, I’m a necrophiliac, I fuck dead women and fill them with my semen.” and this isn’t the only experience of the university has experienced. This has resulted in the upbringing of a “hostile sexual environment” that is being maintained at the university, which emphasizes the basic ideas of toxic masculinity that guys should have physical dominance over women. An impactful portrayal of toxic masculinity is also through language. Some every-day sayings are deeply engraved with sexism and gender norms which uphold the concept that the objectification of girls is anything but harmful and that manhood is significantly more important, such as the phrase “bros before hoes” — a common saying amongst teenagers today. Other sayings may also minimize the effects of rape, such as how most gamers say “I just raped you” alternatively than “I just beat you”. When searching for more effects of toxic masculinity that have an influence in setting up a rape culture, the United States’ criminal justice system came as a shock to everyone. 

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According to the Ministry of Justice data in 2008, 38% of rape cases won a conviction for rape itself. Plea bargaining — when both sides of a criminal courtroom case came to form an agreement outside of the trial, it has resulted in men accused of rape to plead guilty to a lesser offense and as a result, spend much less time in jail. By doing this results in the idea’s establishment that rape is okay and won’t have serious consequences when committed. This reassures the rapist his view that he can get away with rape and is more likely to do it again.

 Gendered violence is a world epidemic that even though improving is still an issue to which we should all strive to discover an answer. There has been a group of countries that have regarded the decision to insert an end to gendered violence as it would be a violation according to their traditional, cultural, and religious customs. Which are also built on toxic masculinity, considering they promote masculine superiority and do nothing but objectify women. The flaw lays where we fail to obtain the consequences that are stated to respond to sexual violence, acquiring the penalty can be as easy as men owning up to their desire for “female” coded things, such as, child-rearing, nonviolence, feminism, or anything else and being willing to suffer the social consequences. A solution to this would be to create a new healthy perception of masculine identities. Whether this means by changing the social expectation of men to be dominant, emotionless, and other traditional factors that fall beneath masculine gender norms. This movement should be attained by men who fall victim to toxic masculinity. As more men work towards this aim of developing and advertising these new masculine identities, the result will be more successful than any decrease in rapes that resulted in movements taken by women.

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