Summary: the Way Women Were Treated Through the Play Romeo and Juliet

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The play Romeo and Juliet has been around for about 400 years. People view this play as a love story, but they don’t really pay attention to all the details. Paying attention to details can help you understand the play. You notice more things. For example the way women were treated. The way women have been treated has changed from 1564 to today, because today they do different things than they did back then, affecting how they are treated.

First of all, they used to be called weak but now they are not called weak. ‘You’re right. That’s why girls get pushed up against walls-they’re weak’. In other words, women got pushed around therefore they are weak. They were thought to be weak. ‘The researchers found that in all the populations, women had a lower mortality across all ages, and with one exception women lived longer’. According to research women are stronger. On one hand women aren’t weak as said in Romeo and Juliet. women aren’t weak as they said in the play.In addition, Juliet proposed to Romeo and Romeo planed the wedding. ‘If your intentions as a lover are truly honorable and you want to marry me, send me word tomorrow’. In other words, Juliet proposed to Romeo. Today it’s the men that proposes to the women. In addition ‘I’ll send a messenger to you, and you can pass on a message telling me where and when we’ll be married’. Today women are usually the ones that plan out the wedding. In the play Romeo is told to plan it. Gender roles have been exchanged throughout time.

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On another hand, people can disagree and say that the way women have been treated hasn’t changed. In the play Juliet calls herself ugly. Paris argues that she is not ugly , because if she were to be ugly, he would own something ugly and he doesn’t want that. Today most guys consider women ‘property.’ Here is what is wrong with that. ‘A family is like a team and both husband and wife are equal team leaders’. Women are not property. They have an equal right not only in their family but also in society. The way women have been treated has changed throughout time.

The way women have been treated has changed because today they have different roles then they did during 1564. Changing the prospective of the story you notice more things. People don’t notice that there is a huge gap in genders. Viewing it through a gender lens, changes the prospective of the person reading Romeo and Juliet. Knowing that, this helps you understand the difference between 1564 and today, is important , because it can affect how they are treated on into the future.    

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