Summary: Titanic as the Best Picture in the Year 1997

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Titanic won best picture in the year 1997. It is a film directed by James Cameron. The lead actors are Leonardo DiCaprio who played Jack Dawson, Kate Winslet who played Rose Dewitt Bukater, and Billy Zane who played Cal. Since Cameron has a dictatorial style, hot temper and obsession with detail it got him to win best picture. Critics, after watching an initial test screening simply thought the film was going to be a flop. The results were too amazing to pass by. The genre was a big main reason why it won best picture instead of other films such as Jurassic Park, Star Wars, E.T., and Jaws. Considering all those films are sci-fi sagas and action-packed adventures they simply didn’t win best picture. In the other hand Titanic was not a genre film. It was based on reality, giving it a weight of historical importance none of which these films could achieve. Titanic perfectly fit the mould of what constituted a Best Picture winner.

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There are many films with a gross of a billion dollars, however in 1997 blockbuster that high was obscured. Titanic became the ending of all blockbusters. Many people were shocked in regards that James Cameron’s “Titanic,” reached this milestone because it was insanely over budget and many production delays. Regardless of all that, it was the most expensive movie and highest-grossing movie of all time. Titanic latest milestone is to become the all-time top grossing film longer than three hours. Cameron had to make an agreement with 20th Century Fox over him wanting the film to run for over three hours.

Cameron did a great job as for how the story goes combining romance, drama, and disaster all in one film. Their vulnerability and their relationship is what made me like this film and write about it. The fact that their love was so real and how it broke boundaries her being a rich girl and him a poor guy but they still would risk it all for each other. I also like how he made Rose’s character clear. Mental illness is recently becoming a real talk among most Americans, however Cameron came out in 1997 showing it. As Rose attempts suicide because she feels misunderstood, used, and clearly abused by her soon-to-be husband. She felt trapped hoping suicide would make this all go away. Suicide is real and sadly approachable for many people throughout the world. Mental health and suicide need to be talked about, and it was a positive factor that James Cameron included it so boldly in this movie. 

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