Summary: Why Society Should Be Able to Know What Problems Are Bigger and Knowing How to Deal with It, even if It Affects Others

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“Too often in life, something happens and we blame other people for us not being happy or satisfied or fulfilled. So the point is, we all have choices, and we make the choice to accept people or situations or to not accept situations.”As humans, mistakes are guaranteed to happen throughout everyone’s lives, no matter what. Not many people realize what the consequences are for some of their actions and not knowing the consequences of being apathetic could lead to a problem that can not be controlled. A majority of the time, people usually act on instincts and not really acting on thought or compassion. Unfortunately, death is one of many outcomes to certain situations. Death is important, it exemplifies the consequences of poor judgement and hasty actions. Such actions can be examples can be shown in William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. In William Shakespeare’s extraordinary play The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, the dreadful outcome of Romeo and Juliet are the results of adults, specifically Lord Capulet and Nurse, even though others may see differently, their actions and poor judgement are the reason why Romeo and Juliet are deceased.

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To begin with, Romeo and Juliet’s death are one of the many causes of Lord Capulet’s doing. By Lord Capulet being so strict about the person Juliet married, he lead a train of events causing the young Romeo and Juliet to commit suicide. Lord Capulet forced Juliet to marry Paris or else she can “never.. look [him] in the face” . Lord Capulet’s impatience and thirst for power is what eventually made Juliet motivated to take the sleeping potion. This upsetting act of Lord Capulet is one of, if not the most, biggest reason why Lord Capulet should be blamed for the dismal death of young Romeo and Juliet. Another reason for blaming Lord Capulet, if Lord Capulet never moved up the wedding, there would have been more time for the news to travel to Romeo. When Juliet told her father about marrying Paris, he decided to move the wedding to “tomorrow morning” instead of Thursday afternoon . Many people argue that Lord Capulet was doing it for what he thought was for the better of the family and he was doing it unintentionally, but it was still Lord Capulet’s fault for forcing the marriage upon Juliet so suddenly. Theoretically, if the date was not moved then Romeo would have gotten the message about the plan and then things would have probably gone better then what originally happened. By Lord Capulet being very strict and being too protective of Juliet, he led a train of events leading to the death of young Romeo. If it were not for Lord Capulet, Juilet would not have been forced to make up an incredibly dangerous plan, leading to Romeo commiting suicide.

Continuing on, another person that is responsible for the death of Romeo and Juliet is the Nurse. The pressure on Juliet during the play was tremendous and should not have been any worse. Unfortunately, the Nurse made things much harder than they already were. The Nurse viewed Paris as “a lovely gentleman” and basically emphasizing that Paris is much better for Juliet. Considering that Juliet is a Capulet, and not a Montague, the relationship between Paris and Juliet is much more complicated than it already is . This immense pressure is torturing Juliet to the bone and it feels like the world is ending for Juliet. The Nurse apparently does not know how meaningful the things she is saying are towards Juliet. Another reason for the Nurse taking the blame is that she was very pessimistic about certain situations. Explaining that “Tybalt is dead and Romeo is banished”  did not make things any better for Juliet. The Nurse is at fault for putting Juliet in a depressed and dismal mood about Tybalt and Romeo. The Nurse likes putting shame into Juliet as she complains how bad of a person Romeo is. There were times that the Nurse compliments Romeo kindly and then later on she would go back on her word. To make things worse, the Nurse encourages Juliet to marry Paris, thinking that this was Juliet’s only option.

Alternatively, Lord Capulet could be seen as not guilty of Romeo and Juliet’s death because even though he threatened and forced his daughter, regardless, Lord Capulet still loved Juliet. When Juilet faked her death, Lord Capulet admitted that he loved Juliet like “the sweetest flower”  in a field. The love for Juliet from Lord Capulet never went away; that love was just overshadowed by demand and hate. There were clear signs coming from Lord Capulet showing that he still loved Juliet and just wanted what was best for her. Even though Lord Capulet loved his daughter, he is still responsible for Romeo and Juliet’s death. Lord Capulet forced many things upon Juliet and never really gave her a choice. Juliet was only thirteen at the time, even though she is still young, she was old enough to make some decisions by herself, such as choosing who she loves. That decision should not be in the hands of Lord Capulet, but in the hands of Juliet. Though many were to blame for the deaths, Lord Capulet is absolutely the most to blame to Romeo and Juliet’s death.

In the play The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, both Nurse and Lord Capulet are the absolute reasons why Romeo and Juliet are dead because of their foolish actions toward the two lovers, even though that some may say they are not. As society, no one likes to take the blame for anything. People are bound to make mistakes, and that is considered a good thing. Mistakes are a learning experience; mistakes are made for people to learn from them. However, some problems are more critical than others. Regardless of how big or small the problems are, society could always learn from them. This comes down to whether someone is going to learn from their mistakes or continue to make the same mistake. Society tends to blame others on problems that affect them, both directly and indirectly. If it is something that is not affecting them in anyway then people will tend to ignore it. Society should know how to learn, to experience, and to face their problems. 

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