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Submitted By:AKIB AKHLAK


I AM AKIB AKHLAK, B.J.MC(BACHEALOR OF JOURNALISM AND MASS COMMUNICATION)FROM AMITY UNIVERSITY ,NOIDA. I got a chance of doing temporary position with Sahara India News Network from nineteenth JUNE 2017 to nineteenth JULY 2017 under Supervision of Mr. ZAMEER HASHMI ( ALAMI SAMAY).


I offer my earnest thanks towards every one of those individuals who have helped me in the readiness of this venture, which has been a learning knowledge for me.I am exceptionally obliged to ‘Sahara India Parivaar News Network’ for their direction and consistent supervision and for giving essential data with respect to the undertaking and additionally for their help in finishing the task. I might want to offer my thanks towards individuals from ‘Sahara India Parivaar News Network’ for their kind collaboration and support.


SAHARA INDIA assemble took birth in 1978 at Gorakhpur in one stay with the capital of Rs. 2000 and just with 3 karmyogi laborers, yet today the business level has outperformed Rs.32000 crores. It has the biggest foundation in private part in India with 1707 foundations. The wings are generally spread from the mother division of PARABANKING, HOUSING, AVIATION, and MASS COMMUNICATION to new pursuits like customer items, data innovation Sahara net, Sahara clinic, Araria jute venture, Sunderban task and agribusiness ventures.

SAHARA INDIA PARIWAR is a one of a kind business association that takes pride in being only a business undertaking however AN EMOTIONALLY INTEGRATED FAMILY-“THE WORLD’S LARGEST FAMILY OF OVER SIX LAKHS MEMBERS.” Its one of a kind culture of having “NO MALIK” “NO UNION” appears to have remained in great stead thinking about its encouraging since origin


Shri Subrata Roy Sahara is a visionary in the genuine feeling of the word – with the vision that rises above all limits and characterizes all traditional business standards. For a man who has made a mega corporate realm, his essentials are very surprising from standard administrative practices and standards.

Today, under his direction, Sahara India Pariwar has turned out to be synonymous with greatness in all parts of its administrations and quality and stands pleased as a noteworthy aggregate in the Indian corporate situation.

It is his undeniable stature as a standout amongst the most noticeable names in the Indian corporate domain uncovering different and diverse features of his identity, which has set a benchmark for growing business visionaries to copy and his business logic has roused a large group of administration masters to investigate, research, examine and explore.

It is a general accord that his considerations and convictions are so significant and top to bottom that it is outlandish not to be motivated by them. Conceived in “ARARIA”, a residential community of Bihar, in the year 1948, Subrata Roy Sahara is the man who has assembled a realm with resources having a market estimation of 1,09,244(USD 23 billion) out of rs. 2,000 as it were. A standout amongst the most great names in the corporate present reality, he considers his situation as ” the central watchman” of the world’s biggest family – Sahara India Pariwar, to be his greatest accomplishment throughout everyday life.

In business benefit income and general development of business get the most elevated need and are positively respectable, yet extreme validity of business venture, especially of bigger ones is in the usage of benefit be it for most ideal upliftment of its workforce and for upholding Social, National Development causes, or for rendering administrations to humankind all in all. Satisfying the subjective part of use of benefit, the world’s biggest family ‘Sahara India Pariwar’ is glad to have achieved today new skylines of development and advancement.


Sahara India Pariwar’s example of overcoming adversity started in 1978. Beginning on a humble scale with a capital of just Rs. 2000 (43 US $), the organization has traverseda long approach to end up a leader in Indian business enterprise.

Today, Sahara India Pariwar is a noteworthy element on the corporate scene having an advantage base of over Rs. 50,000 crores ( 10.87 billion US $) and broadened business intrigues that incorporate : Public Deposit Mobilization, Infrastructure and Housing, Media and Entertainment, Aviation, Consumer Products, Information Technology, Sundarbans Project, Sahara Hospital, Araria Jute Project, Life Insurance, Mutual Funds, Housing Finance, Power Project, Computer Manufacturing, Hotel and NRI Caring Scheme Quality is our quintessence and we, at Sahara India Pariwar, have constantly worried on the Qualitative angle. Subsequently in this keep running for quality, amount has constantly sought after us. We anticipate achieving the peak and reaffirm our pledge to the procedure of sound country building.



Sahara TV was propelled in 2000 as a 24-hour Hindi stimulation channel. On tenth October 2004, the Channel progressed toward becoming Sahara One with the dispatch of The First Indian Sangeet Awards held at the Royal Albert Hall, London.

Sahara One Television gives a solid blend of immersing fiction and true to life excitement and is famous for its ritzy uber occasions, dramatizations, legendary arrangement, reality appears, child’s modifying, spine chillers, include films, film-based projects, and substantially more. Indeed, even as it gives assortment of shows over all the above types, Sahara One Television likewise centers around giving engaging and immersing depiction of solid, free reasoning Indian ladies in its cleansers and serials.

With a solid spotlight on quality substance and inventive programming and advancements, Sahara One Television is balanced for a place of quality among the standard Hindi General Entertainment Channels in India. Sahara One Television is a piece of the umbrella brand Sahara One Media and Entertainment Ltd, whose different organizations incorporates Sahara One Motion Pictures – India’s greatest movies creation organization, FILMY – A 24 hour carefully scrambled motion picture station and FIRANGI – India’s first world TV slot in Hindi.

Different CHANNELS


The adventure in electronic media began with the development of ‘Sahara Samay Network’ as a news system of reach and notoriety. The system offers five local 24×7 news channels obliging a large number of Hindi talking watchers in the conditions of U.P./Uttarakhand, M.P./Chhattisgarh, Bihar/Jharkhand, Delhi/NCR and Mumbai. Moreover the system additionally offers ‘Samay’, a 24-hr national news direct communicate in more than 66 nations. ‘Sahara Samay Rashtriya’ progresses toward becoming ‘Samay’ to re-devote itself with restored vitality and duty to the news shopper. The completely patched up 24×7 offering assembles an unfazed association with the watcher with the guarantee that it is there for the watcher ‘Har Jagah Har Samay’

Today following an adventure of four years in broad daylight benefit in the communicate space, ‘Samay’ has reexamined itself with a quality change bringing about even more extensive reach and profundity. With our rationality of being available all around.

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